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Subtopic: customized universe up

Quote: each user is at the center of a customized, information universe; each path is designed for an audience viewpoint [»younG_1988]

Subtopic: user customization up

Quote: user customization allows the whole user community to participate in modifying the system [»stalRM6_1981]

Subtopic: customization up

Quote: a transparent system is easy to customize [»robeG5_1981]

Subtopic: localization up

Quote: the identity of a CLI assembly consists of an originator key, name, version number, and optional cultural; variations via satellite assemblies [»meijE10_2002]
Quote: use zip code to localize a user's default page [»manbU8_2000]

Subtopic: user profile up

Quote: use a secure, central database of user profiles; allows location-independent customization [»manbU8_2000]

Subtopic: avoid limitations up

Quote: power users will exceed artificial limits; design for infinite growth [»manbU8_2000]

Subtopic: customization language up

Quote: user customization language for screen formatting; popular; very simple, flexible syntax [»boreNS_1991]

Subtopic: problems with customization up

Quote: people do not understand customization; they are used to static pages [»manbU8_2000]
Quote: user customization hits a barrier when customization becomes impossible or it requires new techniques; e.g., HyperTalk in HyperCard, or macro language in a spreadsheet

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