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Subtopic: macros for program integration up

Quote: a macro program could interact with multiple applications with load on call and use counts [»gateB7_1987]

Subtopic: macros assigned to keys up

Quote: buttons defined by users as macrooperators can boost user efficiency substantially [»hendDA7_1986]
Quote: scripting in Balsa was originally for demos but became important for developing worked-out examples, visualizations, and dynamic modes [»browMH1_1985]
Quote: used a simulator to model keypad actions; the flexibility was so helpful that made it part of the product [»goulJD3_1985]

Subtopic: macros assigned to menus up

Quote: Andrew provides compound commands for user-level programs; very useful [»boreNS9_1988]

Subtopic: macros assigned to windows up

Quote: if a program opens a file in the 'acme/new' directory, a window is also created [»pikeR1_1994]
Quote: programmable control of Acme through predefined files for each window: body text, tag text, character address, data at address, control, and events [»pikeR1_1994]

Subtopic: repeat previous commands up

Quote: AGAIN repeats the last commands on a new selection; up to the previous selection [»smitDC_1982]

Subtopic: automated macros up

Quote: Eager monitors iterative patterns in HyperCard, anticipates actions by highlighting, generates a program on request [»cyphA4_1991]
Quote: novice Eager users were able to understand Eager's function without instruction; users uncomfortable about invoking Eager programs [»cyphA4_1991]

Subtopic: keywords vs. keystrokes up

Quote: macro-language syntax is become keyword oriented; keystrokes are hard to read and maintain [»gateB7_1987]

Subtopic: programming vs. editing up

Quote: a programmable editor should not use the same commands for editing and programming; otherwise the programs are hard to read [»stallRM6_1981]

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