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Subtopic: automated testing up

Quote: system testing should be automated and comprehensive for ease of retesting [»gomaH11_1982]
Quote: automated system testing by scripting, logging, file compare, test coverage, and performance measurement [»gomaH11_1982]
Quote: need systematic regression testing on both distributing and receiving sites; can automate acceptance test; more reliable under change [»nowiDA8_1978]
Quote: a good test program is crucial for implementing machine independent macros [»poolPC10_1969]

Subtopic: test harness and standards up

Quote: a test harness for event-driven software defines a map of selected source statements, test drivers, and desired properties [»holzGJ5_1999]
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;1/77 10 "IEEE Std 416-1976 ATLAS (Abbreviated test language for all systems) is a standardized language for expressing test specifications and procedures.

Subtopic: testing interactive software up

Quote: in testing interactive software, want to imitate users using it from a terminal [»doloTA_1976]
Quote: a test script needs to interact with a terminal's screen, check displayed results, and log unusual or unexpected events; e.g., LEAP [»doloTA_1976]

Subtopic: test per bug up

Quote: write automated tests for every manually identified bug; the same problem will arise again [»huntA_2000]

Subtopic: scripting up

Quote: programmable control of Acme through predefined files for each window: body text, tag text, character address, data at address, control, and events [»pikeR1_1994]

Subtopic: check points up

Quote: use check points to keep a test script in synchronization [»gomaH11_1982]

Subtopic: selective logging up

Quote: during automated system testing can suppress non-essential, run-dependent information from log [»gomaH11_1982]

Subtopic: problems with UI scripts up

Quote: automatic testing of software through its UI is slow, opaque, and dangerous; even tiny changes can cause may tests to fail or become inoperable

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