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Subtopic: pair testing, silent observation up

Quote: learnability testing for SUIT by silently observing pairs of novices learning SUIT from the manual; many changes [»pausR10_1992]

Subtopic: thinking-aloud up

Quote: thinking-aloud protocol--subjects verbalize as they worked, videotaped, nondirective prompts from the experimenters [»mackRL7_1983]
Quote: thinking-aloud works well for testing a user interface; just three users will reveal a large proportion of the usability problems [»nielJ5_1990]

Subtopic: question answering up

Quote: question-answering protocol--naive users learn a system by asking questions of a tutor; find problems, needed information, how users learn systems [»knoxST5_1989]
Quote: found directed dialogues between users and tutors sped up the design of interactive products [»knoxST5_1989]
Quote: in testing a user interface, allowed the tutor to ask probes such as "What did you expect to happen?" [»knoxST5_1989]

Subtopic: diary up

Quote: demonstrated user testing by an historical diary of the experiment [»ledgH_1981]

Subtopic: maximal repeating pattern up

Quote: a maximal repeating pattern is as long as possible or occurs independently; use position trees for quadratic algorithm [»siocAC10_1991]
Quote: one year after collecting the data, users could remember tasks given the user transcript and a maximal repetitive pattern [»siocAC10_1991]
Quote: locating user interface problems by maximal repeating patterns also provides the raw transcript; helpful for debugging [»siocAC10_1991]
Quote: find user interface problems by automatically detecting repetitions in transcripts; e.g., error messages or repeated command sequences [»siocAC10_1991]
Quote: repeated action sequences in a user transcript can indicate needed macros, circumvention of problems, searches, and regenerating lost state information [»siocAC10_1991]
Quote: from 17K command lines found 3.5K maximal repeating patterns; indicated 12 problem classes, 8 of them new [»siocAC10_1991]

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