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testing and evaluating user interfaces

children vs. adults
ease of learning
experimental results on programming
minimal language systems
minimal manuals and guided exploration
novice users and the UserInterface
program construction by walk-through
programming language
programming language design
understanding systems

Subtopic: support up

Quote: success of Autocode due to ease of use, fulfilled a need, effective selling, and committed support [»campB4_1980]
Quote: quickly teach Autocode in hours; the standard account defined Autocode on two pages [»campB4_1980]
Quote: Autocode supported by programming courses, a postal service, documentation, and consultancy

Subtopic: role playing for programs and mechanisms up

Quote: novices need training in the computer model, key statement transactions, and role playing for statements and programs [»baymP9_1983]
Quote: learning to program is learning how to construct mechanisms and explanations [»soloE9_1986]
Quote: understand the programmer's manual through the machine itself

Subtopic: merging plans up

Quote: plans for programming are difficult to merge effectively; novices almost always make mistakes [»soloE9_1986]

Subtopic: implicit knowledge up

Quote: to learn a computer command or construct need to learn its side effects and typical uses; what it is for [»diseAA_1986a]
Quote: an introductory programming course should make explicit the implicit knowledge of experts [»soloE9_1986]

Subtopic: object-oriented programming up

Quote: many experienced programmers were not able to learn object-oriented programming; needed experience with hardware, finite-state machines, or event loops [»mariB5_1996]

Subtopic: programming robots up

Quote: curlybot is a two-wheeled toy for young children; it duplicates intricate motions with record and playback modes [»freiP4_2000]

Subtopic: misunderstanding up

Quote: novices misunderstand the input statement: what is inputted, where is it stored, does the computer wait?; e.g. input a, means letter 'a' is stored [»baymP9_1983]
Quote: novices misunderstand goto's: what if condition is false, find number or line number, ignore the condition? [»baymP9_1983]
Quote: novices misunderstand the assignment statement: is the equation solved or is it stored? [»baymP9_1983]
Quote: novices misunderstand the print statement: variables vs. literals, is a record saved of everything printed

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