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children vs. adults
ease of learning
information as knowledge
intertextuality and hypertext
learning a programming language
managing people
minimal manuals and guided exploration
novice users and the UserInterface
program construction by walk-through
problem solving

Subtopic: cognitive structures up

Quote: gain new cognitive structures by using metaphors of existing cognitive structures [»carrJM4_1982]
Quote: does mental structure develop naturally like a garden, through education like a team, or by design like a machine [»engeDC_1963]
Quote: learning is the process by which inputs of information in the past lead to images of the future in the present [»weinGM_1982]

Subtopic: form vs. content up

Quote: English students should be taught form instead of content; can't write clean sentences if you don't know what they are [»fishS5_2005]

Subtopic: implicit knowledge up

Quote: an introductory programming course should make explicit the implicit knowledge of experts [»soloE9_1986]

Subtopic: learning better than original up

Quote: learning can produce a more highly structured language than the original; e.g., internal morphology of creole and mimetic ASL [»newpEL_1982]

Subtopic: writing, end products up

Quote: some sort of end product is a valuable conclusion to kids' activities; discipline of working material into communicable form [»wiggE_1975]
Quote: much of learning by either talking or reading, neither of which produce long duration messages; due to expense of reviewing essays [»goodFL_1981]
Quote: each student should write an instructional article for some skill [»wiggE_1975]
Quote: each student should use the class stationary to write a letter and get a response; most write many letters [»wiggE_1975]
Quote: each student writes an article for the magazine [»wiggE_1975]

Subtopic: questions up

Quote: identify questions first to avoid being satisfied with the easy answers [»hoffDM_2001]

Subtopic: tasks up

Quote: a teacher must present definite, clear-cut tasks [»taylRW_1911, OK]

Subtopic: multiple levels of understanding up

Quote: a competent performer develops a hierarchical perspective or plan that determines the important elements of a situation [»dreyHL1_1994]

Subtopic: recognition vs. plan up

Quote: a proficient performer recognizes most situations without effort; must still plan how best to achieve a goal [»dreyHL1_1994]

Subtopic: explanation vs. technique up

Quote: easily explain how physicists predict natural phenomenon, but not how they do it efficiently; e.g., explain subtraction by removing beans [»feynRP_1985]
Quote: description of early, Indian instruction in arithmetic: memorized problems and solutions; calculated by writing in dust spread on a board [»dattB_1935]

Subtopic: learn by doing up

Quote: by focusing on children, Smalltalk became an "environment in which users learn by doing" instead of "access to functionality" [»kayAC_1996]
Quote: explore symbolic equations with Graph Equation; explore effect of parameter on graph; see answers while still thinking about questions [»lickJC5_1962]

Subtopic: simulation up

Quote: simulate programs for teaching, programming style, and debugging [»lickJC5_1962]

Subtopic: programs vs. essays up

Quote: how does writing programs on a computer differ from writing essays; both are long duration messages [»goodFL_1981]
Quote: while a pupil is taught, a programmer teaches the machine; with programming, one actively creates and gains a deeper understanding [»wertH_1981]
Quote: programming almost always generates a feeling of success; no wrong results, only bugs [»wertH_1981]

Subtopic: museums up

Quote: museums should fulfill these functions: to collect, conserve, exhibit, and elucidate [»stroR7_1985]

Subtopic: university up

Quote: at its peak (300-600 AD), Nalanda had 10,000 students, 2,000 faculty, and 100 lectures a day [»joneTC6_1977]

Subtopic: boot camp up

Quote: use a boot camp to teach software engineering: design, schedule, requirements, iteration. interfaces, integration [»dawsR11_1997]

Subtopic: alternative teaching up

Quote: should teach mathematics by showing the development of proof-generated concepts from naive conjectures; dispels mysticism of mathematics [»lakaI_1976]
Quote: Lakatos used a Socratic dialogue to reconstruct the history that is referenced in the footnotes [»lakaI_1976]
Quote: write a source program that reproduces itself; the discovery of how to do it is a revelation [»thomK8_1984]
Quote: test question: write an appropriate question and then answer it [»weinGM_1982]

Subtopic: programmed instruction up

Quote: automated vocabulary tutor with streamlined presentation and response; 2-3 hour sessions without a break [»lickJC5_1962]
Quote: in TUTOR, the unit of programmed instruction is a screenful of text, a set of student responses, and a set of machine rejoinders [»schwJ_1980]
Quote: with TUTOR, can write flexible dialogues for TUTOR rejoinders to student responses [»schwJ_1980]
Quote: BNR uses a self-paced video and workbook for teaching code inspections; includes good and bad meetings [»russGW1_1991]

Subtopic: continuing education up

Quote: programmers must be given 2-3 hours per week to study research results in programming methodology

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