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Russell, G.W., "Experience with inspection in ultralarge-scale developments", IEEE Software, 8, 1, pp. 25-31, January 1991. Google

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based on Fagan, M.E., Design and code inspections to reduce errors in program development, IBM Systems J, 3:184-211 1976; and Fagan, M.E., Advances in software inspections, IEEE Trans Software Engineering, 744-751 July 1986.

25 ;;Quote: by 1988, Bell-Northern Research had written 15 million lines of code for telecommunication products
26 ;;Quote: code inspection by paraphrasing it line by line; for detecting errors; use moderator, inspectors, author, two hour reviews
26 ;;Quote: software reviews tend to go through code too quickly, lack focus on a single objective, and do not benefit from team synergy
26 ;;Quote: code inspections of 2.5 million lines of code detected about 1 defect per person-hour over all activities
27 ;;Quote: customer-reported software errors require an average of 4.5 person-days to repair
27 ;;Quote: code inspections find the most errors at 150 lines of code paraphrase per hour; 4 times worse at 750 lines per hour
28 ;;Quote: code inspections are two to four times more effective than formal designer testing and system testing
28 ;;Quote: a 20 KLOC program takes 4-6.7 person-years to develop and about 1 person-year for code inspection
28+;;Quote: the average designer of very large, real-time software produces 3 to 5 KLOCs a year
29 ;;Quote: BNR uses a self-paced video and workbook for teaching code inspections; includes good and bad meetings
29 ;;Quote: don't test before code inspections; inspections are more productive; inspection requires a motivated team rewarded are detected errors
30 ;;Quote: testing is better than code inspection for errors due to execution, timing, traffic, load, system interactions
30+;;Quote: extra and missing statements account for almost half of all errors found by code inspections
30 ;;Quote: code inspection works for any product with well-defined completion criteria; successfully used for hardware development

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