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Hardware test systems is a large computer based market. Tested hardware is driven by preset values at its inputs and selected internal points. Output and internal probed values are compared with standard values. A good test system will test the entire board and provide an accurate indication of all failing or marginal components. IEEE has developed a standard for test specification languages, but hardware testing remains an art unique for each new hardware board. (cbb 5/80)
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QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;1/77 10 "IEEE Std 416-1976 ATLAS (Abbreviated test language for all systems) is a standardized language for expressing test specifications and procedures.

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Quote: over a century ago, telephone companies added a test bus to its phone switches; the built-in test access allowed automatic, nightly testing of every phone line; problems found and fixed before subscribers noticed [»martRC7_2005]
Quote: use debug hooks and system monitoring to help debug microprocessors; millions or billions of cycles before a bug manifests itself [»colwRP_2006]

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Quote: an electronic test system may have many levels of specification, e.g., run smoothly, rpms, voltage [»cheaTE_1976]

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Quote: code inspection works for any product with well-defined completion criteria; successfully used for hardware development

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