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Most microprocessor manufacturers are offering microcomputer development systems for software production. These usually consist of a diskette-based programming system, a PROM programmer, and a processor or memory emulator. Programs are developed on the system, tested on the target machine using emulation, and then burned into a target machine PROM. Alternatives for micro-computer software development are cross-assemblers or hand-coding of machine instructions. (cbb 5/80)
QuoteRef: controleng ;;4/77 65 Computer Products Inc Procom II 8080a development system with a "Composer" workbench developing programs on a 16k 8080 with shared memory bus. uses a dialect of BASIC
QuoteRef: controleng ;;6/78 13 Tektronix microprocessor development labs: "Everyone offers some kind of in-prototype testing. But our unique array of features can cut debugging time by 50 percent or more.
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;4/77 61 Tektronix has an 8002 microprocessor lab like Starplex with slave in circuit emulator.

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Topic: test hardware
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