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QuoteRef: controleng ;;1/76 note: Control Eng. control products review has no software entry as of Jan/76.
QuoteRef: controleng ;;1/76 29 TDC2000 large control system, 28 parameterized algorithms for controlling, computer network
QuoteRef: controleng ;;2/76 57 H-P 9825A calculator (5900$) multifunction keyboard, allows process control through 16-bit parallel, BCD interface, HP-IB.
QuoteRef: controleng ;;2/76 57 H-P 9825 A calculator has a live keyboard allowing calculations and program listing while other programs are executing.
3/76 ;;Quote: flashing lights and audible warnings are the best way to convey the urgency of a critical alarm
QuoteRef: controleng ;;4/76 75 Amer. Chain & Cable BRISTOL: handles sensing, monitoring, processing, controlling, communication, reporting through predefined modules.
QuoteRef: controleng ;;4/76 75 Amer. Chain & Cable BRISTOL process controller: "It doesn't require a computer programmer; a plant or process engineer can design and modify a control system."
QuoteRef: controleng ;;4/76 61 Eagle Signal EPTAK microprocessor controller: has four software languages; control language based on logic expressions, another based or relay systems, assembly language, and a process control language.
9/76 ;;Quote: pre-defined push buttons allow 'plain-English' programming by control engineers
11/76 ;;Quote: System 2000 is a large data acquisition system for monitoring, scanning, alarming, logging, analysis and control; microcomputer-based
11/76 ;;Quote: ladder diagrams allow users to program controllers in familiar relay logic terms
12/76 ;;Quote: high-volume OEMs will often design their own micro-controller
12/76 ;;Quote: can easily translate boolean algebra into ladder diagrams
QuoteRef: controleng ;;12/76 28 Ledgerwood BK: "In general there are two types of aids for programming PC's: so-called black boxes with coded keyboards and in-line alphanumeric displays, and crt-based units
QuoteRef: controleng ;;12/76 17 Honeywell TDC Process Monitor and Control: "You can use PM/C as a data acquisition system only; a "scan, log, and alarm" system; a supervisory control system; a direct digital control system; or a combination of all of these
QuoteRef: controleng ;;12/76 75 Phillips: programmable logic controller: "The language is extremely simple, being based on boolean algebra, with easy translation to ladder network logic.
QuoteRef: controleng ;;12/76 23 Editorial: "digital transducers are measurement devices that will automatically provide the most recent value of the measurement when digitally addressed by the nearest computer in the system. [these transducers are associated with each instrument.
QuoteRef: controleng ;;12/76 17 Honeywell: PM/C "provides for fill-in-the-blanks for on-line definition of plant inputs, control loops, control strategies display formats, display groups and history files.
12/76 ;;Quote: for process control need a problem-oriented language that implements standard instrumentation diagrams; e.g., SAMA Standard RC 22-11-6
1/77 ;;Quote: Videospec displays process loops as graphical representations of conventional controllers; include engineering units, tags, set points, alarms, auto/manual
QuoteRef: controleng ;;1/77 note: digital systems section started 1/77
QuoteRef: controleng ;;1/77 24 Bristol EH: "Available DDC algorithms are frequently worse than the analog controller. Due to long sampling time and poor design
QuoteRef: controleng ;;1/77 24 Bristol eh: presents a direct control (DDC) algorithm equivalent to analog controllers.
1/77 ;;Quote: with fixed program units, with customer must compromise but gains standard units; easy to use by low-level personnel
1/77 ;;Quote: direct digital control generally model conventional analog, proportional, PID controllers
QuoteRef: controleng ;;2/77 12 Frost & Sullivan study: "The chemical industry is expected to be the biggest microcomputer market in 1985. Microcomputer-based instruments in the petroleum industry are forecast to account for a $110 million annual market to the end of the period.
2/77 ;;Quote: ladder diagrams is the predominate method except for very large logic systems
3/77 ;;Quote: assemble control ladder diagram from plastic modules; about a dollar per line
QuoteRef: controleng ;;4/77 insideCover: Square D Class 8881 Programmable Controller: ladder diagrams, boolean logic, full management data reports and diagnostic monitoring. Gives formatted reports of production tallies, alarm annunciation logs, maintenance scheduling, and keyboard logs.
QuoteRef: controleng ;;4/77 65 Computer Products Inc Procom II 8080a development system with a "Composer" workbench developing programs on a 16k 8080 with shared memory bus. uses a dialect of BASIC
4/77 ;;Quote: microcomputers will demand LSI hardware solutions instead of general-purpose tools
QuoteRef: controleng ;;5/77 39 Bothne RE: "The current emphasis in industrial control is toward distributed control systems.
QuoteRef: controleng ;;6/77 11 Cincinnati Milacron Maximiser PC for $1413 first use of "non-volatile (EAROM) R/W memory which doesn't require battery backup and can be loaded with a new program via cassette in less than a minute and a half.
QuoteRef: controleng ;;10/77 49 Bailey SJ: Sybron/Taylor's ICAP*3 fill in forms for process control with POL*3 high level language for the other 10%.
10/77 ;;Quote: ACCOL language uses a block diagram with standard software modules
11/77 ;;Quote: with domain-specific goals, a language is declarative; the programmer just customizes the proposed solution
11/77 ;;Quote: general purpose languages do not allow for domain-specific goals; they remain algorithmic and imperative
2/78 ;;Quote: example of sequencing a quenching bath; very simple logic
2/78 ;;Quote: use manual activation of a backup computer to avoid difficulties of an automatic changeover
QuoteRef: controleng ;;6/78 66 McGowan M: Intel announced the 8022, a single chip micro-computer that features an on-chip a/d converter /two channels 8 bit
QuoteRef: controleng ;;6/78 13 Tektronix microprocessor development labs: "Everyone offers some kind of in-prototype testing. But our unique array of features can cut debugging time by 50 percent or more.
6/78 ;;Quote: the control engineer dreams of having a computer in every control loop; microcontrollers make this possible
12/79 ;;Quote: Microvisory for data logging; dynamic modification of data points, alarms, and parameters; in English
12/79 ;;Quote: the keypad for a control panel used understandable words instead of 'alphabet soup'
2/80 ;;Quote: the goal for a programmable controller is an easily altered, flexible, ladder diagram

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