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Many manufacturers produce computer systems specifically for process control. These can range from centralized systems with multi-control stations to small programmable controllers. A system usually allows analog and digital input and output, modular expansion, control oriented languages, fixed program specification, timers, power fail recovery, battery backup, communication capability, printer, graphic displays (frequently in color), and a real-time operating system. Control can be centralized, supervisory, hierarchical, distributed, analog, direct digital, or hybrid. Plant based systems need to be ruggedized for dust, vibration, temperature extremes and electrical noise. Displays need to show loop status, alarm conditions, control effectiveness, documentation, and maintenance schedules. Controller personnel are seldom programmers. Reliability is important, requiring backup processors, modular systems for partial failure, and dedicated resources. (cbb 5/80)
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QuoteRef: controleng ;;2/76 57 H-P 9825A calculator (5900$) multifunction keyboard, allows process control through 16-bit parallel, BCD interface, HP-IB.
QuoteRef: controleng ;;12/76 17 Honeywell TDC Process Monitor and Control: "You can use PM/C as a data acquisition system only; a "scan, log, and alarm" system; a supervisory control system; a direct digital control system; or a combination of all of these

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Quote: how can a process control data base be made more usable to operators?

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