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The display console allows rapid presentation of information, easy reference to previous work, screen editing of text, and dynamic display of graphs and histograms. The display console is used in many different ways, suggesting a separate screen for each use. Possibilities are multiple display consoles, partially displayed windows, split screens, undisplayed alternative screens, and scrolled screens. Multiple CRTs are heavily used in control systems. (cbb 5/80)

A cursor typically marks your current location. (cbb 12/92)

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Quote: Videospec displays process loops as graphical representations of conventional controllers; include engineering units, tags, set points, alarms, auto/manual [»controleng]
Quote: a process control operator monitors for rare events; display for pattern recognition, e.g. circular spokes if all ok [»dallR1_1982]
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;3/79 37 Dickinson AB: "Many control systems today...are being installed with multiple CRT monitors to replace or supplement panel instrumentation.
Quote: the monitor tubes show the current state of the machine
Quote: a system should provide clear, accurate information about what is happening and its progress toward completion [»karaCM12_1998]

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Quote: split screen editor with 3 lines for queries and status information [»maclIA11_1977]

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Quote: in Cornell Program Synthesizer, cursor indicates your place in the developing program
Quote: Mux uses an output point that marks the boundary between old characters and new, unprocessed characters [»pikeR3_1988]
Quote: a blinking cursor allows faster performance times than a non-blinking cursor [»collJH8_1993]

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Quote: a strip chart recorder displays too much information; better to plot a process trend vector

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