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Subtopic: graphical representation up

Quote: users want graphics with their electronic text [»kerrST_1986]
Quote: a large study of graphics for decision-making showed that tabular data was just as effective [»dickGW1_1986]
Quote: a strip chart recorder displays too much information; better to plot a process trend vector [»dallR1_1982]
Quote: Videospec displays process loops as graphical representations of conventional controllers; include engineering units, tags, set points, alarms, auto/manual [»controleng]

Subtopic: graph layout up

Quote: a graph that looks good on one graphical output device may not look good on another; e.g., paper vs. color slide vs. report [»vinbA_1982]
Quote: should adapt a graph layout to the device characteristics, annotation style, intended use, etc. [»vinbA_1982]

Subtopic: indicating information up

Quote: users miss subtle differences in graphics design used to indicate different kinds of information [»nielJ3_1990]

Subtopic: drawing up

Quote: Lisa Draw has basic shapes and free-form lines; easily adjust size or position; enjoyable program [»stewG3_1983]
Quote: Sketchpad stores how a drawing is tied together; a hexagon stays closed despite being moved [»suthIE5_1963]
Quote: Sketchpad stores the structure of subpictures
Quote: Sketchpad supports most straight edge and compass constructions; topological relationships via pseudo pen location and demonstrative language [»suthIE5_1963]

Subtopic: paint up

Quote: a realistic, interactive paint model; a brush is a spring-mass particle system skeleton; models the physical flow of paint and its optical properties; easier to use [»linMC8_2004]
Quote: BitBlt allows pixels from the source and destination to be combined in any way, e.g., paint under with an 'or' [»ingaDH8_1981]
Quote: can use different cursors such as a paint bucket; requires a selection to change modes; a pop-up menu is more direct [»smitRB10_1995]

Subtopic: animation up

Quote: use Sketchpad to animate a face or pedal a bike [»suthIE5_1963]

Subtopic: data visualization up

Quote: use graphics for data visualization when multiple dimensions or iterative parameterization [»vansME_1980]

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