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direct manipulation for a UserInterface
raster graphics
current position in a user interface; cursor


Ingalls, D.H.H., "The Smalltalk graphics kernel ", Byte , 6, 8, pp. 168-194 , August 1981. Google

168 ;;Quote: any accessible object should be easily observed and manipulated
168 ;;Quote: a bitmap display uses a block of bits to turn on and off pixels on the screen
168 ;;Quote: a Smalltalk 'Form' has height, width, and a bitmap of some image
172 ;;Quote: the BitBlt copy operation transfers a bits in a source form to a destination
172 ;;Quote: BitBlt includes a clipping rectangle to restrict the display to a rectangle
174 ;;Quote: BitBlt has a halftoneForm to fill an area with a regular pattern
176 ;;Quote: BitBlt allows pixels from the source and destination to be combined in any way, e.g., paint under with an 'or'
180 ;;Quote: Smalltalk displays text by BitBlt from a font form containing the character glyphs
182 ;;Quote: in Smalltalk, measure a line for cursor tracking by printing it with the 'printing' flag false; easier to maintain and optimize
188 ;;Quote: magnify a bit image by slicing into vertical strings, smearing the bits by ORing, and doing the same for horizontal strings
188 ;;Quote: can use BitBlt to rotate an image
192 ;;Quote: BitBlt is crucial to Smalltalk's user interface; need to optimize its performance

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