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Quotation references starting with 'p', 'q', or 'r'.
QuoteRef: pagaFG3_1979 ;;Pagan, Semantic specification using two-level grammars: blocks, procedures and parameters
QuoteRef: pagaFG6_1988 ;;Pagan, Converting interpreters into compilers
QuoteRef: paicCD8_1996 ;;Paice, Method for evaluation of stemming algorithms based on error counting
QuoteRef: paleL12_1997 ;;Palen, Groupware adoption & adaptation: studies of successful use
QuoteRef: palmJ1_1978 ;;Palme, How I fought with hardware and software and succeeded
QuoteRef: palmJ5_1973 ;;Palme, Simula as a tool for extensible program products
QuoteRef: palmJ9_1979 ;;Palme, A human-computer interface for non-computer specialists
QuoteRef: pariG_1980 ;;Techniques of Program and System Maintenance
QuoteRef: parkR7_1978 ;;Parkin, On the use of keywords for passing procedure parameters
QuoteRef: parkSK10_1988 ;;Park, Miller, Random number generators: Good ones are hard to find
QuoteRef: parkSK7_1993 ;;Park, Miller, Stockmeyer [Response to] Remarks on choosing and implementing random number generators
QuoteRef: parkWT10_1984 ;;Park, State-space representations for coordination of multiple manipulators
QuoteRef: parlBN3_1975 ;;Parlett, Wang, The influence of the compiler on the cost of mathematical software
QuoteRef: parnDL10_1976 ;;Parnas, Bartussek, Handzel, Wurges, Using predicate transforms to verify the effects of "real" programs
QuoteRef: parnDL12_1972 ;;Parnas, On the criteria to be used in decomposing systems into modules
QuoteRef: parnDL12_1985 ;;Parnas, Software aspects of strategic defense systems
QuoteRef: parnDL12_1994 ;;Parnas, Madey, Iglewski, Precise documentation of well-structured programs
QuoteRef: parnDL2_1986 ;;Parnas, Clements, A rational design process: How and why to fake it
QuoteRef: parnDL3_1976 ;;Parnas, Shore, Weiss, Abstract data types defined as classes of variables
QuoteRef: parnDL4_1996 ;;Parnas, Mathematical methods: what we need and don't need
QuoteRef: parnDL5_1972 ;;Parnas, A technique for software module specification with examples
QuoteRef: parnDL5_1978 ;;Parnas, Designing software for ease of extension and contraction
QuoteRef: parnDL5_1988 ;;Parnas, van Schouwen, Kwan, Evaluation standards for safety critical software
QuoteRef: parnDL6_1990 ;;Parnas, van Schouwen, Kwan, Evaluation of safety-critical software
QuoteRef: parnDL8_1971 ;;Parnas, Information distribution aspects of design methodology
QuoteRef: parnDL8_1983 ;;Parnas, A generalized control structure and its formal definition
QuoteRef: parnDL8_1985 ;;Parnas, Weiss, Active design reviews: Principles and practices
QuoteRef: parnDL8_1993 ;;Parnas, Some theorems we should prove
QuoteRef: parnDL10_1976b ;;Parnas, Wurges, Response to undesired events in software systems
QuoteRef: parnDL_1977 ;;Parnas, The influence of software structure on reliability
QuoteRef: parnDL_1997 ;;Parnas, Mathematics of dependable systems II
QuoteRef: pascJ9_2000 ;;Pascoe, Ryan, Morse, Using while moving: HCI issues in fieldwork environments
QuoteRef: pashM9_2000 ;;Pashea, Microcontrollers & CORDIC methods
QuoteRef: pausR10_1992 ;;Pausch, Conway, DeLine, Lessons learned from SUIT, the simple user interface toolkit
QuoteRef: pearDJ7_1973 ;;Pearson, 'CADES' -- Computer aided design and evaluation system
QuoteRef: pearPK6_1990 ;;Pearson, Fast hashing of variable-length text strings
QuoteRef: pempS7_2000 ;;Pemberton, The accidental death of reviewing
QuoteRef: penrR_1989 ;;Penrose, The Emperor's New Mind. Concerning computers, minds, and the laws of physics
QuoteRef: perlAJ1_1986 ;;Perlis, Two thousand words and two thousand ideas--The 650 at Carnegie
QuoteRef: perlAJ2_1959 ;;Perlis, Smith, Evans, TASS Tech Assembly System
QuoteRef: perlAJ4_1957 ;;Perlis, Smith, A mathematical language compiler [IT]
QuoteRef: perlAJ8_1985 ;;Perlis, Another view of software
QuoteRef: perlK11_1998 ;;Perlin, Quikwriting: Continuous stylus-based text entry
QuoteRef: perrC_1984 ;;Perrow, Normal accidents. Living with high-risk technologies
QuoteRef: perrDE1_1990 ;;Perry, Kaiser, Adequate testing and object-oriented programming
QuoteRef: perrDE4_1998 ;;Perry, Siy, Votta, Parallel changes in large scale software development: An observational case study
QuoteRef: perrDE7_1994 ;;Perry, Staudenmayer, Votta, People, organizations, and process improvement
QuoteRef: perrDE7_2002 ;;Perry, Porter, Wade, Votta, Perpich, Reducing inspection interval in large-scale software development
QuoteRef: perrRH10_1979 ;;Perrott, A language for array and vector processors
QuoteRef: peteJL12_1980 ;;Peterson, Computer programs for detecting and correcting spelling errors
QuoteRef: peteJL9_1977 ;;Peterson, Petri nets
QuoteRef: peteJL_1981 ;;Peterson, Petri net theory and the modeling of systems
QuoteRef: peteJL_1982 ;;Peterson, Use of Webster's seventh new collegiate dictionary to construct a master hyphenation list
QuoteRef: peteS1_1997 ;;Petersen, Design traps in Delphi properties
QuoteRef: peteTJ_1982 ;;Peters, Waterman, In search of excellence Lessons from America's best-run companies
QuoteRef: petrCA10_1979 ;;Petri, Introduction to general net theory
QuoteRef: petrCA1_1966 ;;Petri, Communication with Automata
QuoteRef: petrCA_1996 ;;Petri, Nets, time and space
QuoteRef: petrL9_1982 ;;Petrone, Di Leva, Sirovich, Dual: An interactive tool for developing documented programs by step-wise refinements
QuoteRef: petrM6_1995 ;;Petre, Why looking isn't always seeing: readership skills and graphical programming
QuoteRef: pettGW11_2001 ;;Petty, Automated computation and consistency checking of physical dimensions and units in scientific programs
QuoteRef: peyrM3_2000 ;;Peyravian, Matyas, Roginsky, Zunic, Generation of RSA keys that are guaranteed to be unique for each user
QuoteRef: pfisGF6_1976 ;;Pfister, A high level language extension for creating and controlling dynamic pictures
QuoteRef: philJB5_1978 ;;Phillips, Burke, Wilson, Threaded code for laboratory computers
QuoteRef: philM_1974 ;;Phillips, The Seven laws of money
QuoteRef: pickL_1984 ;;Pickenhain, Towards a holistic conception of movement control
QuoteRef: pikeR1_1994 ;;Pike, Acme: a user interface for programmers
QuoteRef: pikeR3_1988 ;;Pike, Window systems should be transparent
QuoteRef: pitkHF_1972 ;;Pitkin, Wittgenstein and Justice
QuoteRef: pittT7_1987 ;;Pittman, Two-level hybrid interpreter/Native code execution for combined space-time program efficiency
QuoteRef: plaiC4_1996 ;;Plaisant, Milash, Rose, Widoff, Shneiderman, LifeLines: visualizing personal histories
QuoteRef: plamR7_1981 ;;Plamondon, Robillard, Harness a computer to write better software, faster
QuoteRef: plasR6_1999 ;;Plasmeijer, van Eekelen, Keep it CLEAN: a unique approach to functional programming
QuoteRef: plat_368 ;;Plato Theaetetus
QuoteRef: plumT3_1977 ;;Plum, Fooling the user of programming language
QuoteRef: podgA7_1993 ;;Podgurski, Pierce, Retrieving reusable software by sampling behavior
QuoteRef: poinH_1902 ;;Poincare, La science et l'hypothese
QuoteRef: poinH_1905 ;;Poincare, La Valeur de la Science
QuoteRef: poinH_1908 ;;Poincare, Science et methode
QuoteRef: poleM9_1999 ;;Poletto, Sarkar, Linear scan register allocation
QuoteRef: poloHN_1980 ;;Polovino, Farrell, Strand, A computer-based coding scheme for research data
QuoteRef: polsPG3_1973 ;;Polson, Scat: design critera and software
QuoteRef: polsPG_1972 ;;Polson, Campbell, Extended Scat
QuoteRef: poolIS_1979 ;;Pool, The first amendment and information policy
QuoteRef: poolPC10_1969 ;;Poole, Waite, Machine independent software
QuoteRef: portA11_1997 ;;Porter, Votta, What makes inspections work?
QuoteRef: portAA3_1997 ;;Porter, Johnson, Assessing software review meetings: results of a comparative analysis of two experimental studies
QuoteRef: portAA6_1997 ;;Porter, Sly, Toman, Votta, An experiment to assess the cost-benefits of code inspections in large scale software development
QuoteRef: postJB1_1988 ;;Postel, Finn, Katz, Reynolds, An experimental multimedia mail system
QuoteRef: postRM5_1987 ;;Poston, Bruen, Counting down to zero software failures
QuoteRef: postSW7_1978 ;;Postma, FEA* A formal English subset of algebra/assertions
QuoteRef: potaWA_1979 ;;Potas, Interactive systems as if users really mattered
QuoteRef: potoTE10_1999 ;;Potok, Vouk, Rindos, Productivity analysis of object-oriented software developed in a commercial environment
QuoteRef: pottC9_1993 ;;Potts, Software-engineering research revisited
QuoteRef: pounD11_1996 ;;Pountain, Parallel processing in bulk
QuoteRef: poupG5_1998 ;;Poupard, Stern, Security analysis of a practical "on the fly" authentication and signature generation
QuoteRef: pratGD9_1976 ;;Pratten, Snowdon, CADES -- Support of the development of complex software
QuoteRef: pratRE3_1981 ;;Prather, Flowcharts which preserve topology
QuoteRef: pratT3_1978 ;;Pratt, Control computations and the design of loop control structures
QuoteRef: pratV1_1983 ;;Pratt, Five paradigm shifts in programming language design and their realization in Viron, a dataflow programming language
QuoteRef: pratVR3_1974 ;;Pratt, Quick and clean--a structured approach to language definition
QuoteRef: pratVR_1980 ;;Pratt, On specifying verifiers
QuoteRef: precL10_1999 ;;Prechelt, Comparing Java vs. C/C++ efficiency differences to interpersonal differences
QuoteRef: precL10_2000 ;;Prechelt, An empirical comparison of seven programming languages
QuoteRef: precL5_2000 ;;Prechelt, Unger, An experiment measuring the effects of Personal Software Process (PSP) training
QuoteRef: prenB12_1998 ;;Preneel, Rijmen, Bosselaers, Principles and performance of cryptographic algorithms
QuoteRef: prenCJ8_1972 ;;Prenner, Spitzen, Wegbriet, An implementation of backtracking for programming language
QuoteRef: proeTA1_1995 ;;Proebsting, Optimizing an ANSI C interpreter with superoperators
QuoteRef: provN6_1999 ;;Provos, Mazieres, A future-adaptable password scheme
QuoteRef: prywNS10_1979 ;;Prywes, Pnueli, Shastry, Use of a nonprocedureal specification language and associated program generator in software development
QuoteRef: pughW6_1990 ;;Pugh, Skip lists: a probabilistic alternative to balanced trees
QuoteRef: putnH_1973 ;;Putnam, Meaning and reference
QuoteRef: pylyZW3_1978 ;;Pylyshyn, Computational models and empirical constraints
QuoteRef: pylyZW_1986 ;;Pylyshyn, Computation and Cognition. Toward a foundation for cognitive science
QuoteRef: qiuZ9_1997 ;;Qiu, Static head notes in the operations of dynamic structures
QuoteRef: quilMR_1967 ;;Quillian, Word concepts: A theory and simulation of some basic semantic capabilities
QuoteRef: quinS12_1991 ;;Quinlan, A cached WORM file system
QuoteRef: quinWV1_1951 ;;Quine, Two dogmas of empiricism
QuoteRef: quinWV2_1937 ;;Quine, New foundations for mathematical logic
QuoteRef: quinWV2_1947 ;;Quine, Logic and the reification of universals
QuoteRef: quinWV8_1951 ;;Quine, The problem of meaning in linguistics
QuoteRef: quinWV_1947 ;;Quine, Reference and modality
QuoteRef: quinWV_1950 ;;Quine, Identity, ostension, and hypostasis
QuoteRef: quinWV_1956 ;;Quine, Quantifiers and propositional attitudes
QuoteRef: quinWV_1969 ;;Quine, Set Theory and Its Logic
QuoteRef: quisJJ11_1991 ;;Quisquater, Desmedt, Chinese lotto as an exhaustive code-breaking machine
QuoteRef: rabiH8_1984 ;;Rabich, letter to the editor
QuoteRef: rabiMO8_1974 ;;Rabin, Theoretical impediments to artificial intelligence
QuoteRef: radaR3_1993 ;;Rada, Retrieval hierarchies in hypertext
QuoteRef: radeC3_1997 ;;Rader, Brand, Lewis, Degrees of comprehension: Children's understanding of a visual Programming environment
QuoteRef: radiG1_1965 ;;Radin, Royway, Highlights of a new programming language
QuoteRef: rahiSK_1982 ;;Rahimi, Franta, Fair timestamp allocation in distributed systems
QuoteRef: rainM1_1973 ;;Rain, Operation expressions in Mary
QuoteRef: rajkR_1991 ;;Rajkumar, Synchronization in real-time systems: a priority inheritance approach
QuoteRef: ramaCV9_1980 ;;Ramamoorthy, Ho, Performance evaluation of asynchronous concurrent systems using Petri nets
QuoteRef: ramaKK5_1990 ;;Ramakrishnan, Raj Jain A binary feedback scheme for congestion avoidance in computer networks
QuoteRef: ramaMV6_1989 ;;Ramakrishna, Larson, File organization using composite perfect hashing
QuoteRef: ramsHR5_1983 ;;Ramsey, Grimes, Human factors in interactive computer dialogue
QuoteRef: ramsHR6_1983 ;;Ramsey, Atwood, van Doren, Flowcharts versus program design languages: An experimental comparison
QuoteRef: ramsN1_1995 ;;Ramsey, Fernandez, The New Jersey machine-code toolkit
QuoteRef: ramsN4_1996 ;;Ramsey, A simple solver for linear equations containing nonlinear operators
QuoteRef: ramsN5_1997 ;;Ramsey, Fernandez, Specifying representations of machine instructions
QuoteRef: ramsN6_2000 ;;Ramsey, Peyton Jones, A single intermediate language that supports multiple implementations of exceptions
QuoteRef: randB6_1975 ;;Randell, System structure for software fault-tolerance
QuoteRef: randS_1957 ;;Sperry Rand, (Holt, UNIVAC generalized programming
QuoteRef: rashRF11_1986 ;;Rashid, From RIG to Accent to Mach: The evolution of a network operating system
QuoteRef: raskJ2_1997 ;;Raskin, Looking for a humane interface: Will computers ever become easy to use?
QuoteRef: rathED10_1976 ;;Rather, Moore, The Forth approach to operating systems
QuoteRef: rathED_1996 ;;Rather, Colburn, Moore, The evolution of Forth, with transcript of presentation
QuoteRef: ratha2_1991 ;;Rathi, Lu, Hedrick, Performance comparison of extendible hashing and linear hashing techniques
QuoteRef: rattJ3_1982 ;;Rattner, Hardware/Software cooperation in the iAPX-432
QuoteRef: raymC3_1996 ;;Raymo, Deep Blue vs. human self-esteem
QuoteRef: raymDR7_1988 ;;Raymond, Tompa, Hypertext and the Oxford English Dictionary,
QuoteRef: raymES3_1998 ;;Raymond, The cathedral and the bazaar
QuoteRef: readC_1989 ;;Reade, Elements of functional programming
QuoteRef: redeDD2_1980 ;;Redell, Dalal, Horsley, Lauer, Lynch, McJones, Murray, Purcell, Pilot: an operating system for a personal computer
QuoteRef: redeDH7_1979 ;;Redelmeier, Eliminating the variable from Dijkstra's mini-language
QuoteRef: reedDP2_1979 ;;Reed, Kanodia, Synchronization with event counts and sequencers
QuoteRef: reedES_1984 ;;Reed, From action gestalts to direct action
QuoteRef: reenTM8_1981 ;;Reenskaug, User-oriented descriptions of Smalltalk Systems
QuoteRef: regaJT8_2001 ;;Regan, Jensen, Capability file names: Separating authorization from user management in an Internet file system
QuoteRef: reghSC1_2000 ;;Reghizzi, Pradella, Pietro, Associative definition of programming languages
QuoteRef: reicC6_1991 ;;Reichenberger, Delta storage for arbitrary non-text files
QuoteRef: reidBK_1980 ;;Reid, A high-level approach to computer document formatting
QuoteRef: reidJK6_1980 ;;Reid, Functions for manipulating floating-point numbers
QuoteRef: reinJ11_1971 ;;Reinfelds, A concept by concept description of the AMTRAN language
QuoteRef: rellN3_1981 ;;Relles, Price, A user interface for online assistance
QuoteRef: remdJR11_1987 ;;Remde, Gomez, Landauer, SuperBook: An automatic tool for information exploration -hypertext?
QuoteRef: repsT11_1987 ;;Reps, Teitelbaum, Language processing in program editors
QuoteRef: requJ_1984 ;;Requin, Semjen, Bonnet, Bernstein's purposeful brain
QuoteRef: rettM4_1994 ;;Rettig, Prototyping for tiny fingers
QuoteRef: reynCF11_1971 ;;Reynolds, Codil. Part II, The Codil language and its interpreter
QuoteRef: reynCF3_1971 ;;Reynolds, The importance of flexibility
QuoteRef: reynJC5_1970 ;;Reynolds, Gedanken-- a simple typeless language based on the p? of completeness and the reference concept
QuoteRef: reynJC8_1972 ;;Reynolds, Definitional interpreters for higher-order programming languages
QuoteRef: reynJC9_1983 ;;Reynolds, Types, abstraction and parametric polymorphism
QuoteRef: reynJC_1965 ;;Reynolds, An introduction to the Cogent programming system
QuoteRef: reynRG11_1987 ;;Reynolds, The partial metrics system: Modeling the stepwise refinement process using partial metrics
QuoteRef: richC8_1988 ;;Rich, Waters, Automatic programming: Myths and prospects
QuoteRef: richEA_1985 ;;Rich, Panel Session: Comparative application of computer languages to practical problems
QuoteRef: richF12_1977 ;;Richard, Ledgard, A reminder for language designers
QuoteRef: richG9_1975 ;;Richter, On the relationship between information and data
QuoteRef: richH7_1985 ;;Richter, Noncorrecting syntax error recovery
QuoteRef: richM_1974 ;;Richards, Evans, Mobec, The BCPL reference manual
QuoteRef: ricoF6_1994 ;;Rico, Sanvicente, A very fast method for verifying digital signatures
QuoteRef: ridjD6_1983 ;;Ridjanovic, Brodie, Action and transaction skeletons: High level language constructs for database transactions
QuoteRef: riefE9_2000 ;;Rieffel, Polak, An introduction to quantum computing for non-physicists
QuoteRef: riplGD3_1978 ;;Ripley, Griswold, Hanson, Performance of storage management in an implementation of SNOBOL4
QuoteRef: ritcDM7_1978a ;;Ritchie, Thompson, The UNIX time-sharing system
QuoteRef: ritcDM7_1978b ;;Ritchie, UNIX time-sharing system: A retrospective
QuoteRef: ritcDM7_1978c ;;Ritchie, Johnson, Lesk, Kernighan, UNIX time-sharing system: The C programming language
QuoteRef: ritcDM_1979 ;;Ritchie, The UNIX I/O system
QuoteRef: ritcDM_1996 ;;Ritchie, The development of the C programming language, with transcript of presentation
QuoteRef: rittHW6_1973 ;;Rittel, Webber, Dilemmas in a general theory of planning
QuoteRef: rizzL4_1997 ;;Rizzo, A very fast algorithm for RAM compression
QuoteRef: roacJW10_1987 ;;Roach, Boaz, Coordinating the motions of robot arms in a common workspace
QuoteRef: robeG5_1981 ;;Robertson, McCracken, Newell, The ZOG approach to man-machine communication
QuoteRef: robeJD10_1981 ;;Roberts, Naming by colours: a graph-theoretic approach to distributed systems
QuoteRef: robeN12_1984 ;;Roberts, The pre-history of the information retrieval thesaurus
QuoteRef: robiKA8_1979 ;;Robinson, An Entity/Event data modeling method
QuoteRef: robiL9_1975 ;;Robinson, Levitt, Neumann, Saxena, A formal methodology for the design of operating system software
QuoteRef: robiM1_2000 ;;Robinson, Kovalainen, Auramaki, Diary as dialogue in papermill process control
QuoteRef: robsD8_1981 ;;Robson, Object-oriented software systems
QuoteRef: rochJA6_1989 ;;Rochlis, Eichin, With microscope and tweezers: The worm form MIT's perspective
QuoteRef: rodrNR8_1993 ;;Rodriguez, Ierusalimschy, Rangel, Types in School
QuoteRef: rogePM_1853 ;;Roget, Thesaurus of English words and phrases, classified and arranged so as to facilitate the expression of ideas and assist in literary composition
QuoteRef: rohdWF12_1979 ;;Rohde, Language tools for data access... Past, present and future
QuoteRef: rohmJ_1979 ;;Rohmer, APL2M A general computer aided software engineering environment for mini and microcomputers
QuoteRef: rojaR3_1998 ;;Rojas, How to make Zuse's Z3 a universal computer
QuoteRef: rojaR9_2000 ;;Rojas, Simulating Konrad Zuse's Computers
QuoteRef: roscE_1975 ;;Rosch, Mervis, Family resemblances: studies in the internal structure of categories
QuoteRef: roseM10_1991 ;;Rosenblum, Ousterhout, The design and implementation of a log-structured file system
QuoteRef: roseM2_1992 ;;Rosenblum, Ousterhout, The design and implementation of a log-structured file system
QuoteRef: rossDT11_1976 ;;Ross, Homilies for humble standards
QuoteRef: rossDT1_1977 ;;Ross, Structured analysis (SA): a language for communicating ideas
QuoteRef: rossDT1_1977a ;;Ross, Schoman, Structured analysis for requirements definition
QuoteRef: rossDT3_1957 ;;Ross, Design of special language for machine-tool programming
QuoteRef: rossDT3_1961 ;;Ross, A generalized technique for symbol manipulation and numerical calculation
QuoteRef: rossDT5_1964 ;;Ross, Feldmann, Verbal and graphical language for the AED system: a progress report
QuoteRef: rossDT5_1975 ;;Ross, Goodenough, Irvine, Software engineering: process, principles and goals
QuoteRef: rossDT_1963 ;;Ross, Rodriguez, Theoretical foundations for the computer-aided design system
QuoteRef: rossDT_1967 ;;Ross, The AED approach to generalized computer aided design
QuoteRef: rossDT_1970 ;;Ross, Uniform referents: an essential property for a software engineering language
QuoteRef: rossJP_1970 ;;Rossiensky, Tixier, A kernal approach to system programming SAM
QuoteRef: rothJ12_2002 ;;Rothe, Some facets of complexity theory and cryptography: a five-lecture tutorial
QuoteRef: rousN12_1986 ;;Roussopoulos, Kang, Principles and techniques in the design of ADMS+-
QuoteRef: rovnPD_1968 ;;Rovner, Feldman, The Leap language and data structure
QuoteRef: rozeRH_1984 ;;Rozendal, Biodynamics of locomotion, forty years later
QuoteRef: rtl2 ;;Rtl/2
QuoteRef: rubiAD11_2000 ;;Rubin, Kerberos versus the Leighton-Micali protocol
QuoteRef: rubiAD12_2002 ;;Rubin, Security considerations for remote electronic voting
QuoteRef: ruhlRC11_1976 ;;Ruhl, The CONTROL language challenges high-level compilers and programmable controllers
QuoteRef: rushA7_1986 ;;Rushinek, Rushinek, What makes users happy?
QuoteRef: rushJ12_1991 ;;Rushby, von Henke, Formal verification of algorithms for critical systems
QuoteRef: rushJ7_1983 ;;Rushby, Randell, A distributed secure system
QuoteRef: russB6_1902 ;;Russell, Letter to Frege, and Frege's Letter to Russell
QuoteRef: russB_1912 ;;Russel, Problems of Philosophy
QuoteRef: russB_1919 ;;Russell, Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
QuoteRef: russB_1937 ;;Russell, A critical exposition of the philosophy of Leibniz
QuoteRef: russB_1956 ;;Russell, On denoting
QuoteRef: russDL3_1980 ;;Russell, State restoration in systems of communicating processes
QuoteRef: russGW1_1991 ;;Russell, Experience with inspection in ultralarge-scale developments
QuoteRef: rutkC10_1982 ;;Rutkowski, An introduction to the human applications standard computer interface Part 1: Theory and principles.
QuoteRef: rymaJW3_1982 ;;Rymarczyk, Coding guidelines for pipelined processors
QuoteRef: rzevG_1984 ;;Rzevski, Road, Prototypes versus pilot systems: strategies for evolutionary information system development

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