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Ramsey, N., Fernandez, M.F., "Specifying representations of machine instructions", ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, 19, 3, May 1997, pp. 492-524. Google

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abstract ;;Quote: SLED defines abstract, binary, and assembly-language representations of machine instructions
abstract+;;Quote: define machine instructions with fields, tokens, patterns, and constructors; for a wide variety of processors
495 ;;Quote: an instruction stream consists of tokens in several classes; a token consists of bit fields
495+;;Quote: a SLED pattern constrains the values of fields in one or more tokens
495+;;Quote: a SLED constructor produces abstract, binary, and assembly-language instructions from a operand list
496 ;;Quote: a SLED specification reads like a computer architecture specification; e.g., a specification for a SPARC subset
501 ;;Quote: define bit fields by endian convention, width, low and high bit; generate shifts and masks automatically
501+;;Quote: bit fields are better than bit strings for binary representation: order independent, check for overlaps and gaps, specified length
503 ;;Quote: SLED patterns consist of range constraints and field bindings with conjunction, concatenation, disjunction, and construction; no Kleene closure
519 ;;Quote: check the New Jersey Machine Code toolkit by generating machine code and assembly code; match results with a trusted assembler and a disassembler

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