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QuoteRef: mackIS4_1993 ;;MacKenzie, Ware, "Lag as a determinant of human performance in interactive systems", ACM (1 quote, 59 words)
QuoteRef: mackIS5_1999 ;;MacKenzie, Zhang, "The design and evaluation of a high-performance soft keyboard", ACM (1 quote, 61 words)
QuoteRef: mackRL7_1983 ;;Mack, Lewis, Carroll, "Learning to use word processors: Problems and prospects", ACM (3 quotes, 205 words)
QuoteRef: mackWE10_1988 ;;Mackay, "Diversity in the use of electronic mail: A preliminary inquiry", ACM (4 quotes, 289 words)
QuoteRef: malcM12_1983 ;;Malcolm, Dyment, "Experience designing the Waterloo Port user interface", ACM (7 quotes, 270 words)
QuoteRef: maloTW11_1992 ;;Malone, Lai, Fry, "Experiments with Oval: a radically tailorable tool for cooperative work", ACM (2 quotes, 139 words)
QuoteRef: maloTW3_1994 ;;Malone, Crowston, "The interdisciplinary study of coordination", ACM (1 quote, 56 words)
QuoteRef: maloTW4_1987 ;;Malone, Grant, Lai, Rao, Rosenblitt, "Semistructured messages are surprisingly useful for computer-supported coordination", ACM (12 quotes, 638 words)
QuoteRef: maloTW5_1987 ;;Malone, Grant, Turbak, Brobst, Cohen, "Intelligent information-sharing systems", ACM (3 quotes, 239 words)
QuoteRef: mamrSA5_1987 ;;Mamrak, Kaelbling, Nicholas, Share, "A software architecture for supporting the exchange ofelectronic manuscripts ", ACM (4 quotes, 237 words)
QuoteRef: manbU4_1997 ;;Manber, "A text compression scheme that allows fast searching directly in the compressed file", ACM (2 quotes, 137 words)
QuoteRef: manbU8_2000 ;;Manber, Patel, Robison, "Experience with personalization on Yahoo!", ACM (7 quotes, 314 words)
QuoteRef: mantMJ2_1983 ;;Manthey, Moret, "The computational metaphor and quantum physics", ACM (2 quotes, 102 words)
QuoteRef: maraH10_1997 ;;Marais, Bharat, "Supporting cooperative and personal surfing with a desktop assistant", ACM (2 quotes, 103 words)
QuoteRef: markG6_2002 ;;Mark, "Extreme collaboration", ACM (3 quotes, 301 words)
QuoteRef: markV6_1982 ;;Markstein, Cocke, Markstein, "Optimization of range checking", ACM (1 quote, 75 words)
QuoteRef: marlS6_2001 ;;Marlow, Peyton Jones, Moran, Reppy, "Asynchronous exceptions in Haskell", ACM (4 quotes, 154 words)
QuoteRef: marlS9_2004 ;;Marlow, Jones, "Making a fast curry: Push/enter vs. eval/apply for higher-order languages", ACM (3 quotes, 416 words)
QuoteRef: martC3_1998 ;;Martinez, Roura, "Randomized binary search trees", ACM (1 quote, 112 words)
QuoteRef: martJJ_1980 ;;Martin, "FAD, a functional programming language that supports abstract data types", ACM (6 quotes, 245 words)
QuoteRef: martP1_1986 ;;Martin, Tsichritzis, "Complete logical routings in computer mail systems", ACM (5 quotes, 336 words)
QuoteRef: matiE4_1993 ;;Matias, MacKenzie, Buxton, "Half-QWERTY: A one-handed keyboard facilitating skill transfer from QWERTY", ACM (2 quotes, 104 words)
QuoteRef: mcauAJ2_1994 ;;McAuley, "Weighted sum codes for error detection and their comparison with existing codes", ACM, IEEE (1 quote, 45 words)
QuoteRef: mccaJ_1960 ;;McCarthy, "Recursive functions of symbolic expressions and their computation by machines", ACM (4 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: mccrDD4_1982 ;;McCracken, Jackson, "Life cycle concept considered harmful", ACM (6 quotes, 240 words)
QuoteRef: mckuMK8_1984 ;;McKusick, Joy, Leffler, Fabry, "A fast file system for UNIX ", ACM (16 quotes, 1056 words)
QuoteRef: meekB9_1994 ;;Meek, "A taxonomy of datatypes", ACM (4 quotes, 190 words)
QuoteRef: mehtR8_1997 ;;Mehta, Owens, Irwin, Chen, Ghosh, "Techniques for low energy software", ACM, IEEE (1 quote, 131 words)
QuoteRef: meijE10_2002 ;;Meijer, Szyperski, "Overcoming independent extensibility challenges", ACM (4 quotes, 394 words)
QuoteRef: meyeB9_1990 ;;Meyer, "Tools for the new culture: Lessons from the design of the Eiffel libraries", ACM (30 quotes, 1720 words)
QuoteRef: millLJ_1981 ;;Miller, "The ISO reference model of open systems interconnection: a First tutorial ", ACM (9 quotes, 539 words)
QuoteRef: milnR1_1993 ;;Milner, "Elements of interaction", ACM (12 quotes, 528 words)
QuoteRef: miloDS9_2000 ;;Milojicic, Douglis, Paindeveine, Wheeler, Songnian, "Process Migration ", ACM (1 quote, 95 words)
QuoteRef: mockA5_2003 ;;Mockus, Weiss, Zhang, "Understanding and predicting effort in software projects", ACM, IEEE (2 quotes, 148 words)
QuoteRef: mockA7_2002 ;;Mockus, Fielding, Herbsleb, "Two case studies of open source software development: Apache and Mozilla", ACM (9 quotes, 709 words)
QuoteRef: moffA10_1996 ;;Moffat, Zobel, "Self-indexing inverted files for fast text retrieval", ACM (2 quotes, 117 words)
QuoteRef: moguJC8_1997 ;;Mogul, Ramakrishnan, "Eliminating receive livelock in an interrupt-driven kernel", ACM (3 quotes, 245 words)
QuoteRef: moliR3_1990 ;;Molich, Nielsen, "Improving a human-computer dialogue", ACM (5 quotes, 317 words)
QuoteRef: mooeCN8_1965 ;;Mooers, "TRAC, a text handling language", ACM (4 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: moreDV7_1983 ;;Moreland, "Human factors guidelines for terminal interface design", ACM (1 quote, 101 words)
QuoteRef: morrG1_1998 ;;Morrisett, Walker, Crary, Glew, "From system F to typed assembly language", ACM (2 quotes, 117 words)
QuoteRef: morrJH10_1973 ;;Morris, "Types are not sets", ACM (8 quotes, 441 words)
QuoteRef: morrJH1_1973 ;;Morris, "Protection in programming languages", ACM (3 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: morrJH8_1972 ;;Morris, Wells, "The specification of program flow in Madcap 6", ACM (15 quotes, 11 words)
QuoteRef: morrJH_1980 ;;Morris, Schmidt, Wadler, "Experience with an applicative string processing language", ACM (3 quotes, 127 words)
QuoteRef: morrR11_1979 ;;Morris, Thompson, "Password security: A case history", ACM (2 quotes, 42 words)
QuoteRef: muchSS_1976 ;;Muchnick, "The command interpreter and command language design of the COM-SHARE Commander II system", ACM (4 quotes, 43 words)
QuoteRef: mullJK8_1983 ;;Mullin, "A second look at bloom filters", ACM (2 quotes, 108 words)
QuoteRef: murtTP7_1991 ;;Murtagh, "An improved storage management scheme for block structured languages ", ACM (1 quote, 105 words)
QuoteRef: myerB3_2000 ;;Myers, Hudson, Pausch, "Past, present, and future of user interface software tools", ACM (11 quotes, 725 words)
QuoteRef: myerBA11_1991 ;;Myers, "Separating application code from toolkits: Eliminating the spaghetti of call-backs.", ACM (6 quotes, 357 words)
QuoteRef: myerBA11_1998 ;;Myers, Stiel, Gargiulo, "Collaboration using multiple PDAs connected to a PC", ACM (2 quotes, 130 words)
QuoteRef: myerBA7_1990 ;;Myers, "A new model for handling input", ACM (6 quotes, 414 words)
QuoteRef: nakaH10_2001 ;;Nakamura, "Incremental computation of complex object queries", ACM (1 quote, 96 words)
QuoteRef: nanaJ12_1988 ;;Nanard, Nanard, Richy, "Conceptual documents: A mechanism for specifying active views in hypertext", ACM (7 quotes, 287 words)
QuoteRef: naurP1_1963 ;;Naur P. Backus, et al. "Revised report on the algorithmic language Algol 60", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: navaG3_2001 ;;Navarro, "A guided tour to approximate string matching", ACM (1 quote, 75 words)
QuoteRef: needRM12_1979 ;;Needham, Schroeder, "Using encryption for authentication in large networks of computers", ACM (2 quotes, 148 words)
QuoteRef: neelPM_1973 ;;Neely, "On program control structure", ACM (2 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: nejmBA2_1988 ;;Nejmeh, "The design of a PDL environment", ACM (3 quotes, 192 words)
QuoteRef: nelsTH8_1965 ;;Nelson, "A file structure for the complex, the changing and the indeterminate ", ACM (8 quotes, 319 words)
QuoteRef: neumPG4_1994 ;;Neumann, "Risks of passwords", ACM (1 quote, 44 words)
QuoteRef: newfD11_1998 ;;Newfield, Sethi, Ryall, "Scratchpad: Mechanisms for better navigation in directed web searching", ACM (3 quotes, 231 words)
QuoteRef: nielJ3_1990 ;;Nielsen, "The art of navigating through hypertext", ACM (8 quotes, 577 words)
QuoteRef: nipkT1_1998 ;;Nipkow, von Oheimb, "Javalight is type-safe -- definitely", ACM (1 quote, 69 words)
QuoteRef: normDA4_1993 ;;Norman, "Using names as identifiers", ACM (1 quote, 46 words)
QuoteRef: nygaK10_1983 ;;Nygaard, "talk at ACM Annual Conference", ACM (11 quotes, 18 words)
QuoteRef: oharK3_1997 ;;O'Hara, Sellen, "A comparison of reading paper and on-line documents", ACM (9 quotes, 497 words)
QuoteRef: oldeRR5_1985 ;;Oldehoeft, Allan, "Adaptive exact-fit storage management", ACM (4 quotes, 319 words)
QuoteRef: omanPW5_1990 ;;Oman, Cook, "Typographic style is more than cosmetic", ACM (3 quotes, 311 words)
QuoteRef: oppeDC7_1983 ;;Oppen, Dalal, "The clearinghouse: A decentralized agent for locating named objects in a distributed environment", ACM (58 quotes, 2944 words)
QuoteRef: oustJK2_1980 ;;Ousterhout, Scelza, Sindhu, "Medusa: an experiment in distributed operating system structure", ACM (2 quotes, 116 words)
QuoteRef: parkSK10_1988 ;;Park, Miller, "Random number generators: Good ones are hard to find", ACM (2 quotes, 163 words)
QuoteRef: parkSK7_1993 ;;Park, Miller, Stockmeyer "[Response to] Remarks on choosing and implementing random number generators", ACM (3 quotes, 193 words)
QuoteRef: parlBN3_1975 ;;Parlett, Wang, "The influence of the compiler on the cost of mathematicalsoftware ", ACM (1 quote, 41 words)
QuoteRef: parnDL12_1972 ;;Parnas, "On the criteria to be used in decomposing systems into modules", ACM (11 quotes, 674 words)
QuoteRef: parnDL12_1985 ;;Parnas, "Software aspects of strategic defense systems", ACM (11 quotes, 825 words)
QuoteRef: parnDL5_1972 ;;Parnas, "A technique for software module specification with examples", ACM (5 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: parnDL6_1990 ;;Parnas, van Schouwen, Kwan, "Evaluation of safety-critical software", ACM (6 quotes, 451 words)
QuoteRef: parnDL8_1983 ;;Parnas, "A generalized control structure and its formal definition", ACM (5 quotes, 232 words)
QuoteRef: pascJ9_2000 ;;Pascoe, Ryan, Morse, "Using while moving: HCI issues in fieldwork environments ", ACM (6 quotes, 561 words)
QuoteRef: pattDA10_2004 ;;Patterson, "Latency lags bandwidth", ACM (6 quotes, 336 words)
QuoteRef: pausR10_1992 ;;Pausch, Conway, DeLine, "Lessons learned from SUIT, the simple user interface toolkit", ACM (31 quotes, 1617 words)
QuoteRef: pearPK6_1990 ;;Pearson, "Fast hashing of variable-length text strings", ACM (1 quote, 42 words)
QuoteRef: perlK11_1998 ;;Perlin, "Quikwriting: Continuous stylus-based text entry", ACM (1 quote, 145 words)
QuoteRef: perrDE4_1998 ;;Perry, Siy, Votta, "Parallel changes in large scale software development: An observational case study ", ACM, IEEE (11 quotes, 711 words)
QuoteRef: perrRH10_1979 ;;Perrott, "A language for array and vector processors", ACM (5 quotes, 173 words)
QuoteRef: peteJL12_1980 ;;Peterson, "Computer programs for detecting and correcting spelling errors", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: petrM6_1995 ;;Petre, "Why looking isn't always seeing: readership skills and graphical programming", ACM (1 quote, 76 words)
QuoteRef: pettK6_1990 ;;Pettis, Hansen, "Profile guided code positioning", ACM (1 quote, 120 words)
QuoteRef: plaiC4_1996 ;;Plaisant, Milash, Rose, Widoff, Shneiderman, "LifeLines: visualizing personal histories", ACM (2 quotes, 111 words)
QuoteRef: plasR6_1999 ;;Plasmeijer, van Eekelen, "Keep it CLEAN: a unique approach to functional programming", ACM (2 quotes, 128 words)
QuoteRef: podgA7_1993 ;;Podgurski, Pierce, "Retrieving reusable software by sampling behavior ", ACM (1 quote, 106 words)
QuoteRef: poleM9_1999 ;;Poletto, Sarkar, "Linear scan register allocation", ACM (5 quotes, 472 words)
QuoteRef: poloHN_1980 ;;Polovino, Farrell, Strand, "A computer-based coding scheme for research data ", ACM (3 quotes, 186 words)
QuoteRef: poolPC10_1969 ;;Poole, Waite, "Machine independent software", ACM (3 quotes, 205 words)
QuoteRef: postJB1_1988 ;;Postel, Finn, Katz, Reynolds, "An experimental multimedia mail system", ACM (5 quotes, 282 words)
QuoteRef: pratV1_1983 ;;Pratt, "Five paradigm shifts in programming language design and their realization in Viron, a dataflow programming language ", ACM (3 quotes, 156 words)
QuoteRef: pratVR_1980 ;;Pratt, "On specifying verifiers ", ACM (1 quote, 157 words)
QuoteRef: precL10_1999 ;;Prechelt, "Comparing Java vs. C/C++ efficiency differences to interpersonal differences", ACM (3 quotes, 129 words)
QuoteRef: prenCJ8_1972 ;;Prenner, Spitzen, Wegbriet, "An implementation of backtracking for programming language", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: proeTA1_1995 ;;Proebsting, "Optimizing an ANSI C interpreter with superoperators", ACM (2 quotes, 100 words)
QuoteRef: prywNS10_1979 ;;Prywes, Pnueli, Shastry, "Use of a nonprocedureal specification language and associated program generator in software development", ACM (4 quotes, 153 words)
QuoteRef: pughW6_1990 ;;Pugh, "Skip lists: a probabilistic alternative to balanced trees", ACM (2 quotes, 188 words)
QuoteRef: qiuZ9_1997 ;;Qiu, "Static head notes in the operations of dynamic structures", ACM (1 quote, 70 words)
QuoteRef: radeC3_1997 ;;Rader, Brand, Lewis, "Degrees of comprehension: Children's understanding of a visual Programming environment", ACM (3 quotes, 107 words)
QuoteRef: radiG1_1965 ;;Radin, Royway, "Highlights of a new programming language", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: ramaKK5_1990 ;;Ramakrishnan, Raj Jain "A binary feedback scheme for congestion avoidance in computer networks ", ACM (1 quote, 114 words)
QuoteRef: ramaMV6_1989 ;;Ramakrishna, Larson, "File organization using composite perfect hashing", ACM (3 quotes, 302 words)
QuoteRef: ramsHR6_1983 ;;Ramsey, Atwood, van Doren, "Flowcharts versus program design languages: An experimentalcomparison ", ACM (6 quotes, 195 words)
QuoteRef: ramsN5_1997 ;;Ramsey, Fernandez, "Specifying representations of machine instructions", ACM (10 quotes, 613 words)
QuoteRef: ramsN6_2000 ;;Ramsey, Peyton Jones, "A single intermediate language that supports multiple implementations of exceptions", ACM (17 quotes, 1234 words)
QuoteRef: rashRF11_1986 ;;Rashid, "From RIG to Accent to Mach: The evolution of a network operating system ", ACM, IEEE (3 quotes, 249 words)
QuoteRef: raskJ2_1997 ;;Raskin, "Looking for a humane interface: Will computers ever become easy to use?", ACM (2 quotes, 121 words)
QuoteRef: rathED10_1976 ;;Rather, Moore, "The Forth approach to operating systems", ACM (6 quotes, 110 words)
QuoteRef: rathED_1996 ;;Rather, Colburn, Moore, "The evolution of Forth, with transcript of presentation", ACM (5 quotes, 383 words)
QuoteRef: ratha2_1991 ;;Rathi, Lu, Hedrick, "Performance comparison of extendible hashing and linear hashing techniques", ACM (2 quotes, 86 words)
QuoteRef: raymDR7_1988 ;;Raymond, Tompa, "Hypertext and the Oxford English Dictionary,", ACM (12 quotes, 622 words)
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QuoteRef: reedDP2_1979 ;;Reed, Kanodia, "Synchronization with event counts and sequencers", ACM (12 quotes, 407 words)
QuoteRef: reicC6_1991 ;;Reichenberger, "Delta storage for arbitrary non-text files", ACM (4 quotes, 294 words)
QuoteRef: reidBK_1980 ;;Reid, "A high-level approach to computer document formatting ", ACM (3 quotes, 133 words)
QuoteRef: rettM4_1994 ;;Rettig, "Prototyping for tiny fingers", ACM (1 quote, 165 words)
QuoteRef: reynJC5_1970 ;;Reynolds, "Gedanken-- a simple typeless language based on the p? of completeness and the reference concept", ACM (6 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: reynJC8_1972 ;;Reynolds, "Definitional interpreters for higher-order programming languages", ACM (15 quotes, 1564 words)
QuoteRef: reynJC_1965 ;;Reynolds, "An introduction to the Cogent programming system", ACM (3 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: reynRG11_1987 ;;Reynolds, "The partial metrics system: Modeling the stepwise refinementprocess using partial metrics ", ACM (1 quote, 71 words)
QuoteRef: richH7_1985 ;;Richter, "Noncorrecting syntax error recovery ", ACM (2 quotes, 113 words)
QuoteRef: riefE9_2000 ;;Rieffel, Polak, "An introduction to quantum computing for non-physicists ", ACM (1 quote, 120 words)
QuoteRef: ritcDM7_1978a ;;Ritchie, Thompson, "The UNIX time-sharing system", ACM (21 quotes, 1034 words)
QuoteRef: ritcDM_1996 ;;Ritchie, "The development of the C programming language, with transcript of presentation", ACM (2 quotes, 202 words)
QuoteRef: robiM1_2000 ;;Robinson, Kovalainen, Auramaki, "Diary as dialogue in papermill process control", ACM (4 quotes, 217 words)
QuoteRef: rochJA6_1989 ;;Rochlis, Eichin, "With microscope and tweezers: The worm form MIT's perspective", ACM (3 quotes, 122 words)
QuoteRef: rodrNR8_1993 ;;Rodriguez, Ierusalimschy, Rangel, "Types in School", ACM (6 quotes, 479 words)
QuoteRef: roseM10_1991 ;;Rosenblum, Ousterhout, "The design and implementation of a log-structured file system", ACM (1 quote, 110 words)
QuoteRef: roseM2_1992 ;;Rosenblum, Ousterhout, "The design and implementation of a log-structured file system", ACM (3 quotes, 165 words)
QuoteRef: rossDT11_1976 ;;Ross, "Homilies for humble standards", ACM (4 quotes, 28 words)
QuoteRef: rossDT3_1961 ;;Ross, "A generalized technique for symbol manipulation and numerical calculation", ACM (2 quotes, 47 words)
QuoteRef: rossDT_1967 ;;Ross, "The AED approach to generalized computer aided design", ACM (4 quotes, 426 words)
QuoteRef: rothJ12_2002 ;;Rothe, "Some facets of complexity theory and cryptography: a five-lecture tutorial", ACM (1 quote, 71 words)
QuoteRef: rubiAD12_2002 ;;Rubin, "Security considerations for remote electronic voting", ACM (1 quote, 110 words)
QuoteRef: rushA7_1986 ;;Rushinek, Rushinek, "What makes users happy?", ACM (1 quote, 22 words)
QuoteRef: rushJ12_1991 ;;Rushby, von Henke, "Formal verification of algorithms for critical systems", ACM (8 quotes, 592 words)
QuoteRef: sachP9_1995 ;;Sachs, "Transforming work: Collaboration, learning, and design", ACM (1 quote, 142 words)
QuoteRef: sackH1_1968 ;;Sackman, Erikson, Grant, "Exploratory experimental studies comparing online and offlineprogramming performance ", ACM (1 quote, 40 words)
QuoteRef: saltG7_1986 ;;Salton, "Another look at automatic text-retrieval systems", ACM (5 quotes, 315 words)
QuoteRef: saltJH11_1984 ;;Saltzer, Reed, Clark, "End-to-end arguments in system design", ACM (3 quotes, 363 words)
QuoteRef: sameK2_1960 ;;Samelson, Bauer, "Sequential formula translation", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: sammJE5_1962 ;;Sammet, "Basic elements of COBOL 61", ACM (6 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: sammJE7_1972 ;;Sammet, "Programming languages: history and future", ACM (3 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: samuP12_1991 ;;Samuelson, Glushko, "Intellectual property rights for digital library and hypertext publishing systems: An analysis of Xanadu", ACM (5 quotes, 327 words)
QuoteRef: sandD1_1982 ;;Sandberg, "Lithe: A language combining a flexible syntax and classes", ACM (1 quote, 64 words)
QuoteRef: sankS3_1991 ;;Sankar, Rosenblum, "Surveyors' Forum: Runtime checking and debugging of formally specified programs", ACM (1 quote, 48 words)
QuoteRef: santDS12_1999 ;;Santry, Feeley, Hutchinson, Veitch, Carton, Ofir, "Deciding when to forget in the Elephant file system", ACM (6 quotes, 537 words)
QuoteRef: satyM8_1989 ;;Satyanarayanan, "Integrating security in a large distributed system", ACM (19 quotes, 1637 words)
QuoteRef: schnB8_1999 ;;Schneier, "The uses and abuses of biometrics", ACM (2 quotes, 159 words)
QuoteRef: schnFB4_1998 ;;Schneider, "On concurrent programming", ACM (1 quote, 125 words)
QuoteRef: schnM3_1993 ;;Schneider, "Self-stabilization", ACM (4 quotes, 254 words)
QuoteRef: scholF8_2002 ;;Scholer, Williams, Yiannis, Zobel, "Compression of inverted indexes for fast query evaluation", ACM (2 quotes, 136 words)
QuoteRef: schrMD2_1984 ;;Schroeder, Birrell, Needham, "Experience with Grapevine: the growth of a distributed system", ACM (14 quotes, 758 words)
QuoteRef: schwJT10_1980 ;;Schwartz, "Ultracomputers", ACM (2 quotes, 156 words)
QuoteRef: searA3_1994 ;;Sears, Shneiderman, "Split menus: effectively using selection frequency to organize menus", ACM (1 quote, 92 words)
QuoteRef: shamA11_1979 ;;Shamir, "How to share a secret", ACM (1 quote, 77 words)
QuoteRef: shanAU9_1993 ;;Shankar, "An introduction to assertional reasoning for concurrent systems", ACM (4 quotes, 254 words)
QuoteRef: shapM8_1991 ;;Shapiro, Dickman, Plainfosse, "Robust, distributed references and acyclic garbage collection", ACM (1 quote, 232 words)
QuoteRef: shelBA11_1978 ;;Shell, "Median split trees: a fast lookup technique for frequently occurring keys ", ACM (1 quote, 64 words)
QuoteRef: shewJR5_1996 ;;Shewchuk, "Robust adaptive floating-point geometric predicates", ACM (3 quotes, 180 words)
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QuoteRef: shocJF3_1982 ;;Shoch, Hupp, "The "Worm" programs--Early experience with a distributedcomputation ", ACM (4 quotes, 255 words)
QuoteRef: silbA10_1991 ;;"Database systems: Achievements and opportunities", ACM (1 quote, 78 words)
QuoteRef: simeJ1_2003 ;;Simeon, Wadler, "The essence of XML", ACM (14 quotes, 961 words)
QuoteRef: singSN8_1999 ;;Singh, Dalal, "Web home pages as advertisements", ACM (6 quotes, 363 words)
QuoteRef: siocAC10_1991 ;;Siochi, Enrich, "Computer analysis of user interfaces based on repetition in transcripts of user sessions", ACM (7 quotes, 534 words)
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QuoteRef: smitMD6_2004 ;;Smith, Ramsey, Holloway, "A generalized algorithm for graph-coloring register allocation", ACM (2 quotes, 194 words)
QuoteRef: smitRB10_1995 ;;Smith, Maloney, Ungar, "The Self-4.0 user interface: manifesting a system-wide vision of concreteness, uniformity, and flexibility", ACM (11 quotes, 560 words)
QuoteRef: smitWR10_1995 ;;Smith, "Using a prototype-based language for user interface: the Newton project's experience", ACM (6 quotes, 369 words)
QuoteRef: soloE9_1986 ;;Soloway, "Learning to program = Learning to construct mechanisms and explanations.", ACM (9 quotes, 404 words)
QuoteRef: spinD2_2000 ;;Spinellis, "Reflection as a mechanism for software integrity verification ", ACM (1 quote, 215 words)
QuoteRef: spooCR4_1986 ;;Spooner, "The ML approach to the readable all-purpose language", ACM (18 quotes, 789 words)
QuoteRef: stallRM6_1981 ;;Stallman, "EMACS: the extensible, customizable self-documenting display editor", ACM (13 quotes, 550 words)
QuoteRef: stanC12_1986 ;;Stanfill, Kahle, "Parallel free-text search on the connection machine system", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
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QuoteRef: stroB_1996 ;;Stroustrup, "A history of C++: 1979-1991, and transcript of presentation", ACM (4 quotes, 227 words)
QuoteRef: stroRE8_1985 ;;Strom, Yemini, "Optimistic recovery in distributed systems", ACM (2 quotes, 265 words)
QuoteRef: sunC12_2000 ;;Sun, "Undo any operation at any time in group editors", ACM (1 quote, 97 words)
QuoteRef: sundDM8_1990 ;;Sunday, "A very fast substring search algorithm", ACM (1 quote, 66 words)
QuoteRef: suzuN_1980 ;;Suzuki, "Analysis of pointer rotation ", ACM (10 quotes, 375 words)
QuoteRef: swarW7_1982 ;;Swartout, Balzer, "On the inevitable intertwining of specification andimplementation ", ACM (2 quotes, 70 words)
QuoteRef: swinDC7_1985 ;;Swinehart, Zellweger, Hagmann, "The structure of Cedar", ACM (23 quotes, 839 words)
QuoteRef: symesDM_1975 ;;Symes, "New control structures to aid gotolessness", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: taivA9_1996 ;;Taivalsaari, "On the notion of inheritance", ACM (27 quotes, 1344 words)
QuoteRef: tallS1_2003 ;;Tallarn, Gupta, "Bitwidth aware global register allocation", ACM (1 quote, 116 words)
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QuoteRef: tapiMA11_1995 ;;Tapia, Kurtenbach, "Some design refinements and principles on the appearance and behavior of marking menus", ACM (7 quotes, 424 words)
QuoteRef: tardD10_2000 ;;Tarditi, "Compact garbage collection tables", ACM (1 quote, 104 words)
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QuoteRef: teitT9_1981 ;;Teitelbaum, Reps, "The Cornell program synthesizer: A syntax-directed programmingenvironment ", ACM (13 quotes, 561 words)
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