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QuoteRef: fagiR9_1979 ;;Fagin, Nievergelt, Pippenger, Strong, "Extendible hashing--a fast access method for dynamic files", ACM (1 quote, 97 words)
QuoteRef: faloC7_1987 ;;Faloutsos, Christodoulakis, "Description and performance analysis of signature file methods for office filing ", ACM (1 quote, 80 words)
QuoteRef: farbDJ1_1964 ;;Farber, Griswold, Polinsky, "SNOBOL, a string manipulation language", ACM (7 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: faulSR3_1988 ;;Faulk, Parnas, "On synchronization in hard-real-time systems", ACM (4 quotes, 262 words)
QuoteRef: fedaA3_1997 ;;Fedanzo, "Distributed systems registry [Letter to the editor]", ACM (1 quote, 100 words)
QuoteRef: feigEA5_1996 ;;Feigenbaum, "How the "what" becomes the "how"", ACM (1 quote, 58 words)
QuoteRef: feinS1_1982 ;;Feiner, Nagy, van Dam, "An experimental system for creating and presenting interactive graphical documents", ACM (8 quotes, 343 words)
QuoteRef: feinS3_1988 ;;Feiner, "Seeing the forest for the trees: hierarchical display of hypertext structure", ACM (10 quotes, 439 words)
QuoteRef: fekeJD5_1999 ;;Fekete, Plaisant, "Excentric labeling: dynamic neighborhood labeling for data visualization", ACM (2 quotes, 245 words)
QuoteRef: feldJ2_1968 ;;Feldman, Gries, "Translator writing systems", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: feldJA8_1969 ;;Feldman, Rovner, "An Algol-based associative language", ACM (3 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: ferrP1_1995 ;;Ferragina, Grossi, "Fast incremental text editing", ACM (1 quote, 83 words)
QuoteRef: fialER4_1989 ;;Fiala, Greene, "Data compression with finite windows", ACM (1 quote, 71 words)
QuoteRef: fielRT5_2002 ;;Fielding, Taylor, "Principled design of the modern web architecture", ACM (9 quotes, 618 words)
QuoteRef: fiscG5_1989 ;;Fischer, McCall, Morch, "Design environments for constructive and argumentative design", ACM (2 quotes, 115 words)
QuoteRef: fishRS3_1988 ;;Fish, Kraut, Leland, Cohen, "Quilt: a collaborative tool for cooperative writing", ACM (4 quotes, 223 words)
QuoteRef: flanC6_2000 ;;Flanagan, Freund, "Type-based race detection for Java", ACM (5 quotes, 546 words)
QuoteRef: flanC6_2003 ;;Flanagan, Qadeer, "A type and effect system for atomicity", ACM (3 quotes, 359 words)
QuoteRef: flatM6_2004 ;;Flatt, Findler, "Kill-safe synchronization abstractions", ACM (4 quotes, 224 words)
QuoteRef: floyRW8_1979 ;;Floyd, "The paradigms of programming", ACM (4 quotes, 150 words)
QuoteRef: foxEA7_1991 ;;Fox, Chen, Daoud, Heath, "Order-preserving minimal perfect hash functions and information retrieval", ACM (1 quote, 77 words)
QuoteRef: franM12_1997 ;;Franz, Kistler, "Slim Binaries", ACM (4 quotes, 201 words)
QuoteRef: franMJ9_1997 ;;Franklin, Carey, Livny, "Transactional client-server cache consistency: alternatives and performance", ACM (8 quotes, 392 words)
QuoteRef: franN8_1977 ;;Francez, "Another advantage of keyword notation for parameter communication with subprograms", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: frasCW3_1980 ;;Fraser, "A generalized text editor ", ACM (4 quotes, 220 words)
QuoteRef: frasCW5_1999 ;;Fraser, "Automatic inference of models for statistical code compression", ACM (3 quotes, 204 words)
QuoteRef: frasCW5_1999a ;;Fraser, Proebsting, "Finite-state code generation", ACM (2 quotes, 118 words)
QuoteRef: frasCW6_1984 ;;Fraser, Myers, Wendt, "Analyzing and compressing assembly code", ACM (2 quotes, 193 words)
QuoteRef: fredMl7_1999 ;;Fredman, "On the efficiency of pairing heaps and related data structures", ACM (1 quote, 172 words)
QuoteRef: freeBN1_1990 ;;Freeman-Benson, Maloney, Borning, "An incremental constraint solver", ACM (2 quotes, 121 words)
QuoteRef: freiP4_2000 ;;Frei, Su, Mikhak, Ishii, "curlybot: Designing a new class of computational toys", ACM (5 quotes, 297 words)
QuoteRef: freiRA11_1974 ;;Freiburghouse, "Register allocation via usage counts ", ACM (10 quotes, 320 words)
QuoteRef: frieB7_1996 ;;Friedman, Nissenbaum, "Bias in computer systems", ACM (1 quote, 46 words)
QuoteRef: frigM6_1998 ;;Frigo, Leiserson, Randall, "The implementation of the Cilk-5 multithreaded language", ACM (5 quotes, 326 words)
QuoteRef: frisME7_1988 ;;Frisse, "Searching for information in a hypertext medical handbook", ACM (10 quotes, 403 words)
QuoteRef: furnGW11_1987 ;;Furnas, Landauer, Gomez, Duamas, "The vocabulary problem in human-system communication", ACM (4 quotes, 312 words)
QuoteRef: furnGW3_1997 ;;Furnas, "Effective view navigation", ACM (10 quotes, 845 words)
QuoteRef: furnGW4_1986 ;;Furnas, "Generalized fisheye views", ACM (3 quotes, 206 words)
QuoteRef: gallBA4_1967 ;;Galler, Perlis, "A proposal for definitions in ALGOL", ACM (2 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: gallJA9_1996 ;;Gallian, "Error detection methods", ACM (1 quote, 24 words)
QuoteRef: gannJD8_1977 ;;Gannon, "An experimental exaluation of data type conventions", ACM (2 quotes, 42 words)
QuoteRef: gannJD_1978 ;;Gannon, "Characteristic errors in programming languages", ACM (1 quote, 33 words)
QuoteRef: gaveWW4_1991 ;;Gaver, Smith, "Effective sounds in complex systems: The ARKola simulation", ACM (10 quotes, 641 words)
QuoteRef: gelbB12_2000 ;;Gelbord, "Signing your 011001010 The problems of digital signatures", ACM (2 quotes, 154 words)
QuoteRef: geleD1_1985 ;;Gelernter, "Generative communication in Linda ", ACM (1 quote, 104 words)
QuoteRef: geleD2_1992 ;;Galernter, Carriero, "Coordination languages and their significance", ACM (4 quotes, 253 words)
QuoteRef: gellM5_1978 ;;Geller, "Test data as an aid in proving program correctness", ACM (2 quotes, 64 words)
QuoteRef: gentD8_1996 ;;Gentner, Nielson, "The anti-Mac interface", ACM (8 quotes, 345 words)
QuoteRef: gescCM8_1977 ;;Geschke, Morris, Sutterthwaite, "Early experience with Mesa", ACM (3 quotes, 79 words)
QuoteRef: ghemS6_2000 ;;Ghemawat, Randall, Scales, "Field analysis: getting useful and low-cost interprocedural information", ACM (4 quotes, 289 words)
QuoteRef: gherS10_2003 ;;Ghemawat, Gobioff, Leung, "The Google file system", ACM (23 quotes, 1430 words)
QuoteRef: ghiyR1_1998 ;;Ghiya, Hendren, "Putting pointer analysis to work", ACM (2 quotes, 291 words)
QuoteRef: gibsVR3_1989 ;;Gibson, Senn, "System structure and software maintenance performance", ACM (2 quotes, 86 words)
QuoteRef: giffDK12_1985 ;;Gifford, Baldwin, Berlin, Lucassen, "An architecture for large scale information systems", ACM (12 quotes, 614 words)
QuoteRef: giffDK3_1988 ;;Gifford, Needham, Schroeder, "The Cedar file system", ACM (12 quotes, 844 words)
QuoteRef: giffDK4_1982 ;;Gifford, "Cryptographic sealing for information secrecy and authentication ", ACM (10 quotes, 461 words)
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;Gimpel, "Blocks--A new datatype for Snobol 4", ACM (9 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: giniGC4_1985 ;;Gini, Gini, "Dealing with world-model-based programs ", ACM (2 quotes, 155 words)
QuoteRef: gladHM5_2001 ;;Gladney, Cantu, "Authorization management for digital libraries", ACM (1 quote, 167 words)
QuoteRef: glasRL9_1997 ;;Glass, "Cobol--A contradiction and an enigma", ACM (6 quotes, 413 words)
QuoteRef: glusRJ5_1989 ;;Glushko, "Transforming text into hypertext for a compact disc encyclopedia", ACM (7 quotes, 302 words)
QuoteRef: godeP1_1997 ;;Godefroid, "Model checking for programming languages using VeriSoft", ACM (1 quote, 89 words)
QuoteRef: goldA10_1995 ;;Goldberg, "Why Smalltalk?", ACM (9 quotes, 316 words)
QuoteRef: goldCF6_1981 ;;Goldfarb, "A generalized approach to document markup ", ACM (5 quotes, 186 words)
QuoteRef: goldD3_1991 ;;Goldberg, "What every computer scientist should know about floating-point arithmetic", ACM (1 quote, 56 words)
QuoteRef: goldD4_1993 ;;Goldberg, Richardson, "Touch-typing with a stylus", ACM (1 quote, 105 words)
QuoteRef: goldD6_1992 ;;Goldberg, "The design of floating-point data types", ACM (5 quotes, 237 words)
QuoteRef: goldO10_1986 ;;Goldreich, Goldwasser, Micali, "How to construct random functions", ACM (3 quotes, 136 words)
QuoteRef: goldY11_1992 ;;Goldberg, Safran, Shapiro, "Active Mail--a framework for implementing groupware", ACM (5 quotes, 355 words)
QuoteRef: goodJB12_1975 ;;Goodenough, "Exception handling: issues and a proposed notation", ACM (22 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: goodJB_1968 ;;Goodenough, "The comparison of programming languages: a linguistic approach", ACM (3 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: goodMD10_1984 ;;Good, Whiteside, Wixon, Jones, "Building a user-derived interface", ACM (2 quotes, 100 words)
QuoteRef: gordRM3_1990 ;;Gordon, "letter to the editor", ACM (1 quote, 106 words)
QuoteRef: gottA4_1983 ;;Gottlieb, Lubachevsky, Rudolph, "Basic techniques for the efficient coordination of very largenumbers of cooperating sequential processors ", ACM (5 quotes, 114 words)
QuoteRef: goulJD3_1985 ;;Gould, Lewis, "Designing for usability: Key principles and what designers think ", ACM (10 quotes, 543 words)
QuoteRef: goulJD4_1987 ;;Gould, et al. "Why reading was slower from CRT displays than from paper", ACM (1 quote, 53 words)
QuoteRef: goulJD8_1987 ;;Gould, Boies, Levy, Richards, Schoonard, "The 1984 olympic message system: A test of behavioralprinciples of system design ", ACM (3 quotes, 271 words)
QuoteRef: grahRM2_1973 ;;Graham, Clancy, DeVancy, "A software design and evaluation system", ACM (2 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: grahSL6_1982 ;;Graham, Kessler, McKusick, "gprof: a call graph execution profiler", ACM (4 quotes, 333 words)
QuoteRef: grayDN5_1998 ;;Gray, Hotchkiss, LaForge, Shalit, Weinberg, "Modern languages and Microsoft's component object model", ACM (6 quotes, 335 words)
QuoteRef: grayJC_1973 ;;Gray, Tomlinson, "The L* data language", ACM (19 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: gremLL9_1982 ;;Gremillion, "Designing a Bloom filter for differential file access", ACM (6 quotes, 177 words)
QuoteRef: grifG7_1987 ;;Grifiths, Stones, "The tea-leaf reader algorithm: An efficient implementation ofCRC-16 and CRC-32 ", ACM (1 quote, 62 words)
QuoteRef: grimR2_2001 ;;Grimm, Bershad, "Separating access control policy, enforcement, and functionality in extensible systems", ACM (7 quotes, 652 words)
QuoteRef: grisRE4_1980 ;;Griswold, Hanson, "An alternative to the use of patterns in string processing", ACM (13 quotes, 857 words)
QuoteRef: grosR5_2000 ;;Grossi, Vitter, "Compressed suffix arrays and suffix trees with applications to text indexing and string matching", ACM (1 quote, 174 words)
QuoteRef: grudJ12_2002 ;;Grudin, "Group dynamics and ubiquitous computing", ACM (1 quote, 148 words)
QuoteRef: grudJ9_1988 ;;Grudin, "Why CSCW applications fail: Problems in the design andevaluation of organizational interfaces ", ACM (1 quote, 97 words)
QuoteRef: gullWE2_1979 ;;Gull, Jenkins, "Recursive data structures in APL", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: guptR3_1993 ;;Gupta, "Optimizing array bound checks using flow analysis", ACM (1 quote, 81 words)
QuoteRef: guptR3_1994 ;;Gupta, Smolk, Bhaskar, "On randomization in sequential and distributed algorithms", ACM (1 quote, 62 words)
QuoteRef: gutkJ9_1985 ;;Gutknecht, "Concepts of the text editor Lara", ACM (2 quotes, 100 words)
QuoteRef: hagmR_1987 ;;Hagmann, "Reimplementing the Cedar File system using logging and group commit", ACM (11 quotes, 733 words)
QuoteRef: hainDP3_1997 ;;Haine, "Claris Organizer's expanding contact card", ACM (1 quote, 86 words)
QuoteRef: halaF2_1994 ;;Halasz, Schwartz, "The Dexter Reference Model", ACM (3 quotes, 204 words)
QuoteRef: halaFG4_1987 ;;Halasz, Moran, Trigg, "NoteCards in a nutshell", ACM (11 quotes, 442 words)
QuoteRef: halaFG7_1988 ;;Halasz, "Reflections on Notecards: Seven issues for the nextgeneration of hypermedia systems ", ACM (32 quotes, 1681 words)
QuoteRef: haleS8_1999 ;;Halevi, Krawczyk, "Public-key cryptography and password protocols", ACM (4 quotes, 491 words)
QuoteRef: hallDE9_1980 ;;Hall, Scherrer, Sventek, "A virtual operating system", ACM (1 quote, 58 words)
QuoteRef: halpMI1_1968 ;;Halpern, "Toward a general processor for programming languages", ACM (13 quotes, 294 words)
QuoteRef: halsMH_1975 ;;Halstead, "Toward a theoretical basis for estimating programming effort", ACM (4 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: hansDR5_1978 ;;Hanson, "The SL5 procedure mechanism", ACM (24 quotes, 818 words)
QuoteRef: hansWJ10_1992 ;;Hansen, "Subsequence references: First-class values for substrings ", ACM (1 quote, 137 words)
QuoteRef: hansWJ9_1988 ;;Hansen, Haas, "Reading and writing with computers: A framework for explaining differences in performance", ACM (1 quote, 64 words)
QuoteRef: hareD5_1988 ;;Harel, "On visual formalisms", ACM (4 quotes, 255 words)
QuoteRef: harrMA3_2004 ;;Harris, Reingold, "Line drawing, leap years, and Euclid", ACM (1 quote, 50 words)
QuoteRef: harrT10_2003 ;;Harris, Fraser, "Language support for lightweight transactions", ACM (4 quotes, 388 words)
QuoteRef: hartPE6_2003 ;;Hart, Liu, "Trust in the preservation of digital information", ACM (3 quotes, 218 words)
QuoteRef: hartPH12_2001 ;;Hartel, Moreau, "Formalizing the safety of Java, the Java virtual Machine, and Java Card", ACM (3 quotes, 214 words)
QuoteRef: haskJA8_1984 ;;Haskett, "Pass-algorithms: A user validation scheme based on knowledge of secret algorithms", ACM (3 quotes, 133 words)
QuoteRef: hausRC11_1994 ;;Hauser, "Does licensing require new access control techniques?", ACM (1 quote, 84 words)
QuoteRef: hauzBM10_1986 ;;Hauzeur, "A model for naming, addressing, and routing", ACM (9 quotes, 295 words)
QuoteRef: heckP4_1978 ;;Heckel, "A technique for isolating differences between files", ACM (2 quotes, 67 words)
QuoteRef: heerJ4_1985 ;;Heering, Klint, "Towards monolingual programming environments ", ACM (9 quotes, 384 words)
QuoteRef: hehnEC2_1984 ;;Hehner, "Predicative Programming Part 1", ACM (7 quotes, 398 words)
QuoteRef: hehnEC_1977 ;;Hehner, "Structuring", ACM (4 quotes, 172 words)
QuoteRef: heinDL6_2003 ;;Heine, Lam, "A practical flow-sensitive and context-sensitive C and C++ memory leak detector", ACM (1 quote, 232 words)
QuoteRef: heinN6_2001 ;;Heintze, Tardieu, "Ultra-fast aliasing analysis using CLA: A million lines of C code in a second", ACM (3 quotes, 280 words)
QuoteRef: heinS4_2002 ;;Heinz, Zobel, Williams, "Burst tries: a fast, efficient data structure for string keys", ACM (4 quotes, 630 words)
QuoteRef: hendDA7_1986 ;;Henderson, Card, "Rooms: The use of multiple virtual workspaces to reduce spacecontention in a window-based graphical user interface ", ACM (13 quotes, 700 words)
QuoteRef: henzMR7_1999 ;;Henzinger, King, "Randomized fully dynamic graph algorithms with polylogarithmic time per operation", ACM (1 quote, 132 words)
QuoteRef: herlM11_1993 ;;Herlihy, "A methodology for implementing highly concurrent data objects", ACM (2 quotes, 120 words)
QuoteRef: herlM1_1991 ;;Herlihy, "Wait-free synchronization ", ACM (1 quote, 168 words)
QuoteRef: hewiC7_1986 ;;Hewitt, "Offices are open systems", ACM (6 quotes, 320 words)
QuoteRef: heydA6_2000 ;;Heydon, Levin, Yu, "Caching function calls using precise dependencies", ACM (8 quotes, 374 words)
QuoteRef: hillWD12_1986 ;;Hillis, Steele, "Data parallel algorithms", ACM (4 quotes, 257 words)
QuoteRef: hiltSR7_1985 ;;Hiltz, Turoff, "Structuring computer-mediated communication systems to avoid information overload", ACM (10 quotes, 655 words)
QuoteRef: hincK9_1998 ;;Hinckley, Pausch, Proffitt, Kassell, "Two-handed virtual manipulation", ACM (7 quotes, 707 words)
QuoteRef: hoarCA10_1974 ;;Hoare, "Monitors: An operating system structuring concept", ACM (7 quotes, 336 words)
QuoteRef: hoarCA8_1978 ;;Hoare, "Communicating sequential processes", ACM (13 quotes, 468 words)
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QuoteRef: holtAW10_1961 ;;Holt, "Program organization and record keeping for dynamic storage allocation", ACM (1 quote, 84 words)
QuoteRef: holtAW5_1958 ;;Holt, "General purpose programming systems", ACM (9 quotes, 451 words)
QuoteRef: holtAW_1970 ;;Holt, Commoner, "Events and conditions", ACM (6 quotes, 268 words)
QuoteRef: holzGJ11_2002 ;;Holzmann, "The logic of bugs", ACM (6 quotes, 411 words)
QuoteRef: hornAJ9_2001 ;;Hornof, "Visual search and mouse-pointing in labeled versus unlabeled two-dimensional visual hierarchies", ACM (5 quotes, 304 words)
QuoteRef: howaJH2_1988 ;;Howard, Kazar, Menees, et al "Scale and Performance in a distributed file system ", ACM (1 quote, 146 words)
QuoteRef: howdWE12_1989 ;;Howden, "Validating programs without specifications", ACM (2 quotes, 137 words)
QuoteRef: hughJA11_1992 ;;Hughes, "Faltering from ethnography to design", ACM (1 quote, 114 words)
QuoteRef: hullTE9_1988 ;;Hull, Cohen, Sawchuk, Wortman, "Exception handling in scientific computing", ACM (5 quotes, 311 words)
QuoteRef: huntJJ4_1998 ;;Hunt, Vo, Tichy, "Delta algorithms: an empirical analysis", ACM (1 quote, 98 words)
QuoteRef: ingaD10_1997 ;;Ingalls, Kaehler, Maloney, Wallace, Kay, "Back to the future. The story of Squeak, a practical Smalltalk written in itself", ACM (2 quotes, 112 words)
QuoteRef: ingePZ1_1961 ;;Ingerman, "Thunks, a way of compiling procedure statements with some comments on procedure declarations", ACM (1 quote, 92 words)
QuoteRef: ironET1_1969 ;;Irons, "Experience with an extensible language", ACM (2 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: ivieEL10_1977 ;;Ivie, "The programmer's workbench--a machine for software development", ACM (2 quotes, 44 words)
QuoteRef: ivorMY12_2001 ;;Ivory, Hearst, "The state of the art in automating usability evaluation of user interfaces", ACM (4 quotes, 184 words)
QuoteRef: jackD6_1993 ;;Jackson, "Abstract analysis with Aspect", ACM (1 quote, 116 words)
QuoteRef: jacoRJ4_1990 ;;Jacob, "What you look at is what you get: Eye movement-based interaction techniques", ACM (7 quotes, 448 words)
QuoteRef: jaesG12_1981 ;;Jaeschke, "Reciprocal hashing: A method for generating minimal perfecthashing functions ", ACM (1 quote, 39 words)
QuoteRef: jainAK9_1999 ;;Jain, Murty, Flynn, "Data clustering: a review", ACM (1 quote, 99 words)
QuoteRef: jainR10_1985 ;;Jain, Chlamtac, "The P^2 algorithm for dynamic calculation of quantiles andhistograms without storing observations. ", ACM (1 quote, 46 words)
QuoteRef: jansBJ1_1998 ;;Jansen, Spink, Bateman, Sarcevic, "Real life information retrieval: a study of user queries on the web", ACM (8 quotes, 363 words)
QuoteRef: jeffDR7_1985 ;;Jefferson, "Virtual time ", ACM (4 quotes, 343 words)
QuoteRef: jensC4_2000 ;;Jensen, Farnham, Drucker, Kollock, "The effect of communication modality on cooperation in online environments", ACM (5 quotes, 263 words)
QuoteRef: johnMS10_1998 ;;Johnstone, Wilson, "The memory fragmentation problem: solved?", ACM (3 quotes, 232 words)
QuoteRef: joneAK5_1978 ;;Jones, "A language extension for expressing constraints on data access", ACM (3 quotes, 96 words)
QuoteRef: joneSL2_1986 ;;Jones, "Parsing distfix operators", ACM (1 quote, 37 words)
QuoteRef: joneSP9_2000 ;;Jones, Eber, Seward, "Composing contracts: an adventure in financial engineering", ACM (5 quotes, 396 words)
QuoteRef: joneWP1_1986 ;;Jones, Dumais, "The spatial metaphor for user interfaces: Experimental testsof reference by location versus name ", ACM (5 quotes, 353 words)
QuoteRef: kabbP4_1993 ;;Kabbash, MacKenzie, Buxton, "Human performance using computer input devices in the preferred and non-preferred hands", ACM (1 quote, 100 words)
QuoteRef: kaplSJ7_1990 ;;Kaplan, Kapor, Belove, Landsman, Drake, "Agenda: A personal information manager", ACM (22 quotes, 993 words)
QuoteRef: karaCM12_1998 ;;Karat, "Guaranteeing rights for the user", ACM (3 quotes, 88 words)
QuoteRef: karaCM5_1999 ;;Karat, Halverson, Horn, Karat, "Patterns of entry and correction in large vocabulary continuous speech recognition systems", ACM (1 quote, 167 words)
QuoteRef: karaV6_1999 ;;Karamcheti, Li, Pechtchanski, Yap, "A core library for robust numeric and geometric computation", ACM (1 quote, 105 words)
QuoteRef: karpAH12_2003 ;;Karp, "Enforce POLA on processes to control viruses", ACM (4 quotes, 332 words)
QuoteRef: karrM5_1978 ;;Karr, Loveman, "Incorporation of units into programming languages", ACM (4 quotes, 143 words)
QuoteRef: karrM6_1984 ;;Karr, "Code generation by coagulation", ACM (5 quotes, 363 words)
QuoteRef: kaszM10_1999 ;;Kaszkiel, Zobel, Sacks-Davis, "Efficient passage ranking for document databases", ACM (3 quotes, 279 words)
QuoteRef: kawaK11_2002 ;;Kawachiya, Koseki, Onodera, "Lock reservation: Java locks can mostly do without atomic operations", ACM (2 quotes, 246 words)
QuoteRef: kawaM11_2000 ;;Kawahito, Komatsu, Nakatani, "Effective null pointer check elimination utilizing hardware trap", ACM (1 quote, 139 words)
QuoteRef: kayAC_1996 ;;Kay, "The early history of Smalltalk, with transcript of presentation", ACM (2 quotes, 180 words)
QuoteRef: kemeCF2_1993 ;;Kemerer, "Reliability of function points measurement", ACM (1 quote, 52 words)
QuoteRef: kemmB9_2000 ;;Kemme, Alonso, "A new approach to developing and implementing eager database replication protocols", ACM (1 quote, 163 words)
QuoteRef: kennA6_2001 ;;Kennedy, Syme, "Design and implementation of generics for the .NET common language runtime", ACM (9 quotes, 650 words)
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QuoteRef: kingJC7_1976 ;;King, "Symbolic execution and program testing", ACM (2 quotes, 60 words)
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QuoteRef: kleiST7_1989 ;;Klein, Bookstein, Deerwester, "Storing text retrieval systems on CD-ROM: Compression and encryption considerations ", ACM (2 quotes, 157 words)
QuoteRef: klinP10_1979 ;;Klint, "Line numbers made cheap", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: knigK11_1990 ;;Knight, "Connectionist ideas and algorithms", ACM (2 quotes, 46 words)
QuoteRef: knooJ6_1992 ;;Knoop, Ruthing, Steffen, "Lazy code motion", ACM (1 quote, 157 words)
QuoteRef: knowK10_1965 ;;Knowlton, "A fast storage allocator", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: knowK8_1966 ;;Knowlton, "A programmer's description of L^_6", ACM (7 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: knoxST5_1989 ;;Knox, Bailey, Lynch, "Directed dialogue protocols: Verbal data for user interface design ", ACM (4 quotes, 316 words)
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QuoteRef: krueCW6_1992 ;;Krueger, "Software reuse", ACM (14 quotes, 547 words)
QuoteRef: kumaS6_2001 ;;Kumar, Mandelbaum, Yu, Li, "ESP: A language for programmable devices", ACM (11 quotes, 869 words)
QuoteRef: kumaS6_2002 ;;Kumar, Li, "Dynamic memory management for programmable devices", ACM (9 quotes, 702 words)
QuoteRef: kwokYK12_1999 ;;Kwok, Ahmad, "Static scheduling algorithms for allocating directed task graphs to multiprocessors", ACM (2 quotes, 143 words)
QuoteRef: laiKY10_1988 ;;Lai, Malone, Yu, "Object Lens: a "spreadsheet" for coooperative work", ACM (2 quotes, 35 words)
QuoteRef: lammM9_2000 ;;Lamming, Eldridge, Flynn, Jones, Pendlebury, "Satchel: Providing access to any document, any time, anywhere", ACM (1 quote, 136 words)
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