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Perry, D.E., Siy, H.P., Votta, L.G., "Parallel changes in large scale software development: An observational case study ", Proceedings 20th International Conference on Software Engineering, April 1998, Kyoto, Japan, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 251-260. Google

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ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, 10.3:308-337, July 2001


part of the Code Decay Project,

254 ;;Quote: study of 12 years of change, quality, and configuration history for a #5ESS subsystem; up to 200 developers for US and international versions
254 ;;Quote: all changes to #5ESS initiated by an Initial Modification Request to ECMS; implemented as deltas for one or more modification requests
254+;;Quote: Initial Modification Request closed after approval of its Modification Requests; a feature is done when all its IMRs close
255 ;;Quote: 60 features under development at peak of a #5ESS subsystem release
255+;;Quote: 9 releases for a #5ESS subsystem under simultaneous feature development
255 ;;Quote: for a release of a #5ESS subsystem, 25% of the files modified by four or more developers; 50% by two or more
255 ;;Quote: an eighth of all deltas made to the same file by different developers with 24 hours of each other; 3% overlap
256 ;;Quote: software maintenance tools must account for the long tails of many usage statistics; these are critical cases that need support the most
256 ;;Quote: changed up to 900 files for a feature of a #5ESS subsystem; 2,000 modification requests
256+;;Quote: only one file changed for 51% of the Initial Modification Requests and 90% of the MRs
259 ;;Quote: every day, there was ongoing work by different developers on multiple requests concerning different features of different releases of two similar products; 12.5% to the same file

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