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Quotation references starting with 'm', 'n', or 'o'.
QuoteRef: machB3_1992 ;;Machrone, Time for a new interface
QuoteRef: mackIS4_1993 ;;MacKenzie, Ware, Lag as a determinant of human performance in interactive systems
QuoteRef: mackIS5_1997 ;;MacKenzie, Zhang, The immediate usability of Graffiti
QuoteRef: mackIS5_1999 ;;MacKenzie, Zhang, The design and evaluation of a high-performance soft keyboard
QuoteRef: mackRL7_1983 ;;Mack, Lewis, Carroll, Learning to use word processors: Problems and prospects
QuoteRef: mackWE10_1988 ;;Mackay, Diversity in the use of electronic mail: A preliminary inquiry
QuoteRef: maclA5_1989 ;;MacLean, Young, Moran, Design rationale: The argument behind the artifact
QuoteRef: maclBJ12_1982 ;;MacLennan, Values and objects in programming languages
QuoteRef: maclBJ12_1983 ;;MacLennan, Abstraction in the Intel iAPX-432 prototype systems implementation language
QuoteRef: maclBJ_1987 ;;MacLennan, Principles of programming languages
QuoteRef: maclIA11_1977 ;;Macleod, Design and implementation of a display oriented text editor
QuoteRef: madsOL10_1986 ;;Madsen, Block structure and object oriented languages.
QuoteRef: maesJW10_2000 ;;Maessen, Arvind Shen, Improving the Java memory model using CRF OOPSLA '00
QuoteRef: maesP12_1987 ;;Concepts and experiments in computational reflection
QuoteRef: maguS_1993 ;;Maguire, Writing Solid Code
QuoteRef: maieD1_1986 ;;Maier, Nordquist, Grossman, Displaying database objects
QuoteRef: malcM12_1983 ;;Malcolm, Dyment, Experience designing the Waterloo Port user interface
QuoteRef: maloTW11_1992 ;;Malone, Lai, Fry, Experiments with Oval: a radically tailorable tool for cooperative work
QuoteRef: maloTW3_1994 ;;Malone, Crowston, The interdisciplinary study of coordination
QuoteRef: maloTW4_1987 ;;Malone, Grant, Lai, Rao, Rosenblitt, Semistructured messages are surprisingly useful for computer-supported coordination
QuoteRef: maloTW5_1987 ;;Malone, Grant, Turbak, Brobst, Cohen, Intelligent information-sharing systems
QuoteRef: maloTW6_1982 ;;Malone, How do people organize their desks? Implications for the design of office information systems
QuoteRef: mamrSA5_1987 ;;Mamrak, Kaelbling, Nicholas, Share, A software architecture for supporting the exchange of electronic manuscripts
QuoteRef: manbU10_1990 ;;Manber, Chain reactions in networks
QuoteRef: manbU10_1993 ;;Manber, Wu, GLIMPSE: A tool to search through entire file systems
QuoteRef: manbU1_1997 ;;Manber, Smith, Gopal, WebGlimpse--Combining browsing and searching
QuoteRef: manbU4_1997 ;;Manber, A text compression scheme that allows fast searching directly in the compressed file
QuoteRef: manbU8_2000 ;;Manber, Patel, Robison, Experience with personalization on Yahoo!
QuoteRef: mandBB_1983 ;;Mandelbrot, The fractal geometry of nature
QuoteRef: maneS6_1987 ;;Manes, Hypertext: A breath of air freshener
QuoteRef: mannZ5_1978 ;;Manna, Waldinger, The logic of computer programming
QuoteRef: mannZ7_1979 ;;Manna, Waldinger, Synthesis: dreams => programs
QuoteRef: manoY5_1994 ;;Manolopoulos, Lorentzos, Performance of linear hashing schemes for primary key retrieval
QuoteRef: mantMJ2_1983 ;;Manthey, Moret, The computational metaphor and quantum physics
QuoteRef: manuSB_1986 ;;Manufacturing Studies Board Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems National Research Council Towards a New Era in U.S. Manufacturing
QuoteRef: maoTW10_1979 ;;Mao, Yeh, Communication port: a language concept for concurrent programming
QuoteRef: maoTW3_1980 ;;Mao, Yeh, Communication port: a language concept for concurrent programming
QuoteRef: maquJ_1968 ;;Maquarrie, Martin Heidegger
QuoteRef: maraH10_1997 ;;Marais, Bharat, Supporting cooperative and personal surfing with a desktop assistant
QuoteRef: marcG1_1988 ;;Marchionini, Shneiderman, Finding facts vs. browsing knowledge in hypertext systems
QuoteRef: marcM1_1974 ;;Marcotty, Schutz, The systems programming language, Malus
QuoteRef: mariB5_1996 ;;Maring, Object-oriented development of large applications
QuoteRef: markG6_2002 ;;Mark, Extreme collaboration
QuoteRef: markHM_1963 ;;Markowitz, Hausner, Karr, Simscript: a simulation programming language
QuoteRef: markW1_1981 ;;Mark, Use of database organization in the Consul system
QuoteRef: markW_1982 ;;Mark, Natural-language help in the Consul system
QuoteRef: marlS6_2001 ;;Marlow, Peyton Jones, Moran, Reppy, Asynchronous exceptions in Haskell
QuoteRef: martAP_1990 ;;The Philosophy of Language
QuoteRef: martC3_1998 ;;Martinez, Roura, Randomized binary search trees
QuoteRef: martF3_1998 ;;Martin, Alt, Wilhelm, Ferdinand, Analysis of loops
QuoteRef: martJJ12_1973 ;;Martin, The 'Natural' set of basic control structures
QuoteRef: martJJ_1980 ;;Martin, FAD, a functional programming language that supports abstract data types
QuoteRef: martJ_1975 ;;Martin, Computer data-base organization
QuoteRef: martL6_1986 ;;Martin, "Eskimo words for snow": A case study in the genesis and decay of an anthropological example
QuoteRef: martMJ_1974 ;;Martin, Generalized structured programming
QuoteRef: martP1_1986 ;;Martin, Tsichritzis, Complete logical routings in computer mail systems
QuoteRef: maryF_1982 ;;Maryanski, Data-server design issues
QuoteRef: mashJR_1976 ;;Mashey, Using a command language as a high-level programming language
QuoteRef: mashJR_1976a ;;Mashey, Smith, Documentation tools and techniques
QuoteRef: massH10_1987 ;;Massalin, Superoptimizer--A look at the smallest program
QuoteRef: matiE4_1993 ;;Matias, MacKenzie, Buxton, Half-QWERTY: A one-handed keyboard facilitating skill transfer from QWERTY
QuoteRef: matuHR_1980 ;;Maturana, Varela F.J. Autopoiesis and cognition. The realization of the living
QuoteRef: matzD9_1997 ;;Matzke, Will physical scalability sabotage performance gains?
QuoteRef: maucJW1_1947 ;;Mauchly, Preparation of problems for EDVAC-type machines
QuoteRef: maxwJC_1864 ;;Maxwell, A dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field
QuoteRef: maxwJC_1891 ;;Maxwell, A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism
QuoteRef: mayD_1987 ;;May, Shepherd, Keane, Communicating process architecture: transputers and Occam
QuoteRef: maysD5_2002 ;;Mays, LeBlanc, The CycleFree methodology: a simple approach to building reliable, robust, real-time systems
QuoteRef: mcauAJ2_1994 ;;McAuley, Weighted sum codes for error detection and their comparison with existing codes
QuoteRef: mcbrDK7_1985 ;;McBride, Lambert, Lane, The development of a standardized, computer-based abbreviation algorithm
QuoteRef: mccaJ8_1962 ;;McCarthy, Towards a mathematical science of computation
QuoteRef: mccaJ_1960 ;;McCarthy, Recursive functions of symbolic expressions and their computation by machines
QuoteRef: mccaJ_1969 ;;McCarthy, Hayes, Some philosophical problems from the standpoint of artificial intelligence
QuoteRef: mccoS7_1996 ;;McConnell, Daily build and smoke test
QuoteRef: mccoS7_1998 ;;McConnell, Why you should use routines ... routinely
QuoteRef: mccrDD4_1982 ;;McCracken, Jackson, Life cycle concept considered harmful
QuoteRef: mccrDD_1981 ;;McCracken, A maverick approach to systems analysis and design
QuoteRef: mccrDL10_1984 ;;McCracken, Akscyn, Experience with the ZOG human-computer interface system
QuoteRef: mccuWS_1943 ;;McCulloch, Pitts, A logical calculus of the ideas immanent in nervous activity
QuoteRef: mcdeDV9_1975 ;;McDermott, Very large Planner-type data bases
QuoteRef: mcdeJ8_1995 ;;McDermott, Goldschlag, Storage jamming
QuoteRef: mcgoCL_1979 ;;McGowan, McHenry, Software Management
QuoteRef: mcgoMJ7_1983 ;;McGowan, Anderson, Software must move! A description of the software assembly line
QuoteRef: mcgrJR1_1979 ;;McGraw, Andrews, Access control in parallel programs
QuoteRef: mcilMD10_1968 ;;McIlroy, "Mass produced" software components
QuoteRef: mcilMD1_1982 ;;McIlroy, Development of a spelling list
QuoteRef: mcilMD7_1978 ;;McIlroy, Pinson, Tague, UNIX time-sharing system: Foreword
QuoteRef: mcilMD8_1992 ;;McIlroy, Reeds, Multilevel security in the UNIX tradition
QuoteRef: mcilPM1_1993 ;; McIlroy, Bostic, McIlroy, Engineering radix sort
QuoteRef: mcjoPR1_1989 ;;McJones, Swart, Evolving the UNIX system interface to support multithreaded programs
QuoteRef: mckeBJ2_1990 ;;McKenzie, Harries, Bell, Selecting a hashing algorithm
QuoteRef: mckeRM5_1984 ;;McKeag, Eves, Rooney, Designing software for children
QuoteRef: mckeWM_1966 ;;McKeeman, An approach to computer language design
QuoteRef: mckeWM_1970 ;;McKeeman, Horning, Wortmann, A compiler generator
QuoteRef: mckeWM_1974 ;;McKeeman, Programming language design
QuoteRef: mckeWM_1975 ;;McKeeman, Mechanizing bankers' morality
QuoteRef: mckuMK8_1984 ;;McKusick, Joy, Leffler, Fabry, A fast file system for UNIX
QuoteRef: mcleDJ3_1976 ;;Mclead, High-level domain definition in a relational data-base system
QuoteRef: mcleJ1_1990 ;;McLean, The specification and modeling of computer security
QuoteRef: mcleSG5_1998 ;;McLellan, Roesler, Tempest, Spinuzzi, Building more usable APIs
QuoteRef: mcphJ_1974 ;;McPhee, The curve of binding energy
QuoteRef: mcquD5_1975 ;;McQuillan, Transaction diagrams-- a design tool
QuoteRef: meadCA6_1997 ;;Mead, Collective electrodynamics I
QuoteRef: meekB9_1994 ;;Meek, A taxonomy of datatypes
QuoteRef: meerL_1978 ;;Meertens, Program text and program structure
QuoteRef: mehtR8_1997 ;;Mehta, Owens, Irwin, Chen, Ghosh, Techniques for low energy software
QuoteRef: meijE10_2002 ;;Meijer, Szyperski, Overcoming independent extensibility challenges
QuoteRef: meliN_1986 ;;Melin, The new Alexandria: CD ROM in the library
QuoteRef: memorex ;;MRX/OS Assembler Reference Manual
QuoteRef: menaLF10_1842 ;;Menabrea, Sketch of the analytical engine invented by Charles Babbage, With notes upon the memoir by the translator Ada Augusta, Countess of Lovelace
QuoteRef: mendE3_1988 ;;Mendelson, $200 Guide: Hypertext for the PC
QuoteRef: mengB3_1981 ;;Mengarini, Macro facilities in Ada
QuoteRef: merrG12_1983 ;;Merrill, Proofs, program correctness, and software engineering
QuoteRef: messHP_1995 ;;Messmer, The indispensable PC hardware book
QuoteRef: messJ2_1982 ;;Messerschmidt, Wilhelm, Constructors for composed objects
QuoteRef: meyeB10_1992 ;;Meyer, Applying "Design by contract"
QuoteRef: meyeB1_1985 ;;Meyer, On formalism in specifications
QuoteRef: meyeB9_1990 ;;Meyer, Tools for the new culture: Lessons from the design of the Eiffel libraries
QuoteRef: michJR9_2000 ;;Michener, Acar, Security domains: key management in large-scale systems
QuoteRef: milgE_1972 ;;Milgram, Katzenelson, Data structures in the extensible programming language AEPL
QuoteRef: millDC_1986 ;;Miller, Finally it works: Now it must "Play in Peoria"
QuoteRef: millGA7_1990 ;;Miller, Nouns in WordNet: A lexical inheritance system
QuoteRef: millHD2_1986 ;;Mills, Linger, Data structured programming: Program design without arrays and pointers
QuoteRef: millHD6_1975 ;;Mills, How to write correct programs and know it
QuoteRef: millHD9_1982 ;;Mills, The intellectual control of computers
QuoteRef: millHD9_1987 ;;Mills, Dyer, Linger, Cleanroom software engineering
QuoteRef: millHD_1971_ ;;Mills, Top-down programming in large systems
QuoteRef: millHD_1979 ;;Mills, Software development
QuoteRef: millH_1973 ;;Mills, The complexity of programs
QuoteRef: millJS_1843 ;;Mill, A System of Logic
QuoteRef: millKW3_2001 ;;Miller, A modest proposal for software testing
QuoteRef: millLA10_1978 ;;Miller, Behavioral studies of the programming process
QuoteRef: millLH6_1977 ;;Miller, A study in man-machine interaction
QuoteRef: millLJ_1981 ;;Miller, The ISO reference model of open systems interconnection: a First tutorial
QuoteRef: millMJ1_1993 ;;Miller, The best software is a drag
QuoteRef: millRB_1968 ;;Miller, Response time in man-computer conversational transactions
QuoteRef: millW7_1988 ;;Miller, Myers, A simple row-replacement method
QuoteRef: milnR1_1993 ;;Milner, Elements of interaction
QuoteRef: miloDS9_2000 ;;Milojicic, Douglis, Paindeveine, Wheeler, Songnian, Process Migration
QuoteRef: minkH9_1908 ;;Minkowski, Space and time
QuoteRef: minoT5_1982 ;;Minoura, Wiederhold, Resilient extended true-copy token scheme for a distributed database system
QuoteRef: minsM_1981 ;;Minsky, A framework for representing knowledge
QuoteRef: minsNH7_1996 ;;Minsky, Towards alias-free pointers
QuoteRef: misc12_1985 ;;The man who reshaped geometry
QuoteRef: mitcJ3_1976 ;;Mitchell, Wegbreit, A next step in data structuring for programming languages
QuoteRef: mitcJ4_1989 ;;Mitchell, Shneiderman, Dynamic versus static menus: An exploratory comparison
QuoteRef: mitcJC1_2001 ;;Mitchell, Programming language methods in computer security
QuoteRef: mitcJG6_1970 ;;Mitchell, The design and construction of flexible and efficient interactive programming systems
QuoteRef: mitcJG_1977 ;;Mitchell, Wegreit, Schemes: a high level data structuring concept
QuoteRef: mitcR_1979 ;;Mitchell, Less Than Words Can Say
QuoteRef: mitzM4_2002 ;;Mitzenmacher, Unbiasing random bits
QuoteRef: mockA7_2002 ;;Mockus, Fielding, Herbsleb, Two case studies of open source software development: Apache and Mozilla
QuoteRef: moffA10_1996 ;;Moffat, Zobel, Self-indexing inverted files for fast text retrieval
QuoteRef: moffA3_1994 ;;Moffat, Sharman, Zobel, Static compression for dynamic texts
QuoteRef: moffA7_1999 ;;Moffat, An improved data structure for cumulative probability tables
QuoteRef: moffA8_1995 ;;Moffat, Bell, In situ generation of compressed inverted files
QuoteRef: moffDV7_1981 ;;Moffat, A model for PASCAL-like typing
QuoteRef: moguJC8_1997 ;;Mogul, Ramakrishnan, Eliminating receive livelock in an interrupt-driven kernel
QuoteRef: mohaMF3_1991 ;;Mohageg, Object-oriented versus bit-mapped graphics interfaces: performance and preference differences for typical applications
QuoteRef: moliR3_1990 ;;Molich, Nielsen, Improving a human-computer dialogue
QuoteRef: molnG8_1971 ;;Molnar, SEL a self-extensible programming language
QuoteRef: monoJ_1971 ;;Monod, Chance and necessity
QuoteRef: mooeCN8_1965 ;;Mooers, TRAC, a text handling language
QuoteRef: moorCH6_1974 ;;Moore, FORTH: a new way to program a mini-computer
QuoteRef: moorEF_1964 ;;Moore, The firing squad synchronization problem
QuoteRef: moraTP10_1978 ;;Moran, Introduction to the command language grammar
QuoteRef: moraTP3_1981 ;;Moran, An applied psychology of the user
QuoteRef: morcAI4_1990 ;;Morch, Using critics to empower users
QuoteRef: moreDV7_1983 ;;Moreland, Human factors guidelines for terminal interface design
QuoteRef: morgC4_1982 ;;Morgan, A revolution in your pocket
QuoteRef: morgC8_1981 ;;Morgan, Smalltalk: A language for the 1980s
QuoteRef: morgH_1980 ;;Morgan, Database management systems
QuoteRef: morrG1_1998 ;;Morrisett, Walker, Crary, Glew, From system F to typed assembly language
QuoteRef: morrJH10_1973 ;;Morris, Types are not sets
QuoteRef: morrJH1_1973 ;;Morris, Protection in programming languages
QuoteRef: morrJH8_1972 ;;Morris, Wells, The specification of program flow in Madcap 6
QuoteRef: morrJH_1974 ;;Morris, Towards more flexible type systems
QuoteRef: morrJH_1980 ;;Morris, Schmidt, Wadler, Experience with an applicative string processing language
QuoteRef: morrR11_1979 ;;Morris, Thompson, Password security: A case history
QuoteRef: morrR4_1978 ;;Morris, Thompson, Password security: A case history
QuoteRef: morsD1_1986 ;;Morshedian, How to fight password pirates and win, letter to The Open Channel
QuoteRef: mosbD1_1996 ;;Mosberger, Druschel, Peterson, Implementing atomic sequences on uniprocessors using rollforward
QuoteRef: mossCD1_1980 ;;Moss, Structured programming with LOOP statements
QuoteRef: mossK10_2000 ;;Moss, How can I measure Java code performance?
QuoteRef: mostJ11_1985 ;;Mostow, Foreword What is AI? And what does it have to do with software engineering
QuoteRef: muchSS_1976 ;;Muchnick, The command interpreter and command language design of the COM-SHARE Commander II system
QuoteRef: muelC_1982 ;;Mueller-schloer, Wagner N.R. The implementation of a cryptography-based secure office system
QuoteRef: mullAP_1964 ;;Mullery, A procedure-oriented machine language
QuoteRef: mullJK8_1983 ;;Mullin, A second look at bloom filters
QuoteRef: mumps ;;Massachusets General Hospital MUMPS
QuoteRef: munrJI5_2001 ;;Munro, Raman, Rao, Space efficient suffix trees
QuoteRef: murrKM_1977 ;;Murray, Caught in the Web of Words. James A. H. Murray and the ??Oxford English Dictionary??
QuoteRef: murtTP7_1991 ;;Murtagh, An improved storage management scheme for block structured languages
QuoteRef: musaJD3_1993 ;;Musa, Operational profiles in software-reliability engineering
QuoteRef: muteP7_1991 ;;Muter, Maurutto, Reading and skimming from computer screens and books: the paperless office revisited?
QuoteRef: myerB3_2000 ;;Myers, Hudson, Pausch, Past, present, and future of user interface software tools
QuoteRef: myerBA11_1991 ;;Myers, Separating application code from toolkits: Eliminating the spaghetti of call-backs.
QuoteRef: myerBA11_1998 ;;Myers, Stiel, Gargiulo, Collaboration using multiple PDAs connected to a PC
QuoteRef: myerBA7_1990 ;;Myers, A new model for handling input
QuoteRef: myerBA8_1992 ;;Myers, Demonstrational interfaces: A step beyond direct manipulation
QuoteRef: myerBA_1992 ;;Myers, Smith, Horn, Report of the "End-user programming" working group
QuoteRef: myerGJ3_1976 ;;Myers, Composite design facilities of six programming languages
QuoteRef: myerW2_1978 ;;Myers, The need for software engineering
QuoteRef: nakaH10_2001 ;;Nakamura, Incremental computation of complex object queries
QuoteRef: nanaJ12_1988 ;;Nanard, Nanard, Richy, Conceptual documents: A mechanism for specifying active views in hypertext
QuoteRef: nappRB2_1976 ;;Napper, Fisher, ALEC--A user extensible scientific programming language
QuoteRef: nassI8_1973 ;;Nassie, Schneiderman, Flowchart techniques for structured programming
QuoteRef: naurP1_1963 ;;Naur P. Backus, et al. Revised report on the algorithmic language Algol 60
QuoteRef: naurP3_1969 ;;Naur, Programming by action clusters
QuoteRef: naurP4_1993 ;;Naur, Understanding Turing's universal machine--Personal style in program description
QuoteRef: navaG1_1999 ;;Navarro, Baeza-Yates, Very fast and simple approximate string matching
QuoteRef: navaG3_2001 ;;Navarro, A guided tour to approximate string matching
QuoteRef: needD10_1982 ;;Needle, Service Calvados toasts Apple users with Harris link
QuoteRef: needRM12_1979 ;;Needham, Schroeder, Using encryption for authentication in large networks of computers
QuoteRef: neelPM_1973 ;;Neely, On program control structure
QuoteRef: nejmBA2_1988 ;;Nejmeh, The design of a PDL environment
QuoteRef: nelsG_1991 ;;Systems Programming in Modula-3
QuoteRef: nelsMR8_1996 ;;Nelson, Fast string searching with suffix trees
QuoteRef: nelsMR9_1996 ;;Nelson, Data compression with the Burrows Wheeler transform
QuoteRef: nelsTH12_1986 ;;Nelson, The tyranny of the file
QuoteRef: nelsTH1_1988 ;;Nelson, Managing immense storage
QuoteRef: nelsTH8_1965 ;;Nelson, A file structure for the complex, the changing and the indeterminate
QuoteRef: nelsTH_1967 ;;Nelson, Getting it out of our system
QuoteRef: nelsTH_1974 ;;Nelson, Dream Machines
QuoteRef: nelsTH_1987 ;;Nelson, Literary Machines
QuoteRef: neugW_1982 ;;Neugent, Acceptance criteria for computer security
QuoteRef: neuhEJ2_1971 ;;Neuhold, The formal description of programming languages
QuoteRef: neumPG4_1994 ;;Neumann, Risks of passwords
QuoteRef: neusRE_1986 ;;Neustadt, May, Thinking in Time
QuoteRef: neuwC11_1987 ;;Neuwirth, Kaufer, Chimera, Gillespie, The Notes program: A hypertext application for writing from source texts
QuoteRef: newfD11_1998 ;;Newfield, Sethi, Ryall, Scratchpad: Mechanisms for better navigation in directed web searching
QuoteRef: newpEL_1982 ;;Newport, Task specificity in language learning? Evidence from speech perception and American Sign Language
QuoteRef: newtI_1685 ;;Newton, Mathematical principles of natural philosophy
QuoteRef: nicoJR6_1993 ;;Nicol, Wilkes, Manola, Object orientation in heterogeneous distributed computing systems
QuoteRef: nielJ11_1993 ;;Nielsen, Is usability engineering really worth it?
QuoteRef: nielJ3_1990 ;;Nielsen, The art of navigating through hypertext
QuoteRef: nielJ5_1989 ;;Nielsen, Richards, The experience of learning and using Smalltalk
QuoteRef: nielJ5_1990 ;;Nielsen, Big paybacks from 'discount' usability engineering
QuoteRef: nievJ8_1970 ;;Nievergelt, Irland, Bounce-and-skip: a technique for directing the flow of control in programs
QuoteRef: nipkT1_1998 ;;Nipkow, von Oheimb, Javalight is type-safe -- definitely
QuoteRef: nishH_1980 ;;Nishimura, Descriptively complete process logic
QuoteRef: nordB3_1976 ;;Nordstrom, An outline of a mathematical model for the definition and manipulation of data
QuoteRef: normDA4_1993 ;;Norman, Using names as identifiers
QuoteRef: normDA_1986 ;;Norman, Cognitive engineering
QuoteRef: normDA_1988 ;;Norman, The Design of Everyday Things
QuoteRef: noshK_1972 ;;Noshita, Takeuchi, Amamiya, Formal-2: A simple data-free form-expressional programming language with nondeterminism
QuoteRef: novaGS8_1995 ;;Novak, Conversion of units of measurement
QuoteRef: nowiDA8_1978 ;;Nowitz, Lesk, A Dial-up network of UNIX systems
QuoteRef: nygaK10_1983 ;;Nygaard, talk at ACM Annual Conference
QuoteRef: nygaK10_1986 ;;Nygaard, Basic concepts in object oriented programming
QuoteRef: nygaK_1981 ;;Nygaard, Handlykken, The System development process -- Its setting, some problems and needs for methods.
QuoteRef: ockhW_1310 ;;Ockham, Philosophical Writings: a selection
QuoteRef: oettAG_1972 ;;Oettinger, The Semantic Wall
QuoteRef: ohalJJ_1980 ;;Ohala, The application of phonological universals in speech pathology
QuoteRef: oharK3_1997 ;;O'Hara, Sellen, A comparison of reading paper and on-line documents
QuoteRef: oldeRR5_1985 ;;Oldehoeft, Allan, Adaptive exact-fit storage management
QuoteRef: olloA_1974 ;;Ollongren, Definition of Program Languages by Interpreting Automata
QuoteRef: olseNC9_1993 ;;Olsen, The software rush hour
QuoteRef: omanPW5_1990 ;;Oman, Cook, Typographic style is more than cosmetic
QuoteRef: oppeDC10_1981 ;;Oppen, Dalal, The clearinghouse: A decentralized agent for locating named objects in a distributed environment
QuoteRef: oppeDC7_1983 ;;Oppen, Dalal, The clearinghouse: A decentralized agent for locating named objects in a distributed environment
QuoteRef: orjiCU9_1994 ;;Orji, Solworth, Write twice disk buffering
QuoteRef: orrKT_1977 ;;Orr, Structured Systems Development
QuoteRef: osteLJ11_1983 ;;Osterweil, Toolpack--an experimental software development environment research project
QuoteRef: oustJK2_1980 ;;Ousterhout, Scelza, Sindhu, Medusa: an experiment in distributed operating system structure
QuoteRef: oustJK3_1998 ;;Ousterhout, Scripting: higher-level programming for the 21st century
QuoteRef: owenD_1986 ;;Owen, Answers first, then questions
QuoteRef: ozawK3_1991 ;;Ozawa, A fast O(n^2) division algorithm for multiple-precision floating-point numbers

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