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denoting phrases and definite descriptions
objects without names
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sentences, propositions, and truth


Russell, B., "On denoting", pp. 41-56, in Marsh, R.C. (ed.), Logic and Knowledge, London, Allen and Unwin, 1956. Google

Other Reference

p. 203-211 in Martinich, A.P. (ed), The Philosophy of Language, 2nd edition, New York: Oxford University Press, 1990.

203 ;;Quote: denoting phrases include a man, some man, any man, all men, the present King of France
203 ;;Quote: all thinking starts with acquaintance but succeeds for many things that we can only reach by denoting phrases
204 ;;Quote: a denoting phrase acts as the qualifier of a variable in an expression; e.g., C(everything) means 'C(x) is always true'
204 ;;Quote: in Russell's theory of denotation, 'I met a man' means '"I met x, and x is human" is not always false'
204 ;;Quote: in a denoting phrase, 'the' becomes an uniqueness qualification; makes for involved rewordings
205 ;;Quote: Frege distinguishes the meaning and denotation of a denoting phrase, e.g., 'the center of mass of the solar system...'
206 ;;Quote: puzzles of denoting: a=b vs. a=a, 'the present King of France is/is not bald', if A differs from B is false
207 ;;Quote: meaning vs. reference is wrongly conceived because can't speak about the meaning of a denoting phrase; 'the meaning of "C"' == 'C'
208 ;;Quote: Russell's translation of 'Scott was the author of Waverly' does not include a constituent 'the author of Waverly'; solves a=b vs. a=a
209 ;;Quote: a denoting phrase can be a primary or secondary occurrence (global or local); handles denoting phrases that denote nothing
210 ;;Quote: in Russell's theory of denoting, there are no unreal members to account for denoting phrases that denote nothing
Kald. ;;Note: the logical form of a sentence can differ from the syntax; it makes explicit the truth conditional structure of a proposition
Stra. ;;Note: an improper description such as the present King of France is not just false; it invokes further questioning

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