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Paice, C.D., "Method for evaluation of stemming algorithms based on error counting", Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 47, 8, pp. 632-649 , August 1996. Google

633 ;;Quote: different stemmers behave similarly as far as retrieval effectiveness
Quote: a stemmer should conflate semantically equivalent words that share the same stem
QuoteRef: paicCD8_1996 ;;634 "We can thus define the function of a stemmer as follows: A stemmer should conflate together all and only those pairs of words which are semantically equivalent and share the same stem.
634 ;;Quote: test stemmers with a dictionary of groups of semantically equivalent words; use an interactive program to divide words into tightly and loosely related groups
643 ;;Quote: stemmer behavior depends on stemmer weight; i.e., how aggressively the stemmer combines words
643+;;Quote: stemmers are up to a third better than simply truncating words at five to seven characters
643+;;Quote: truncating words at six characters is better than five or seven characters

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