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software maintenance
experimental results on programming
interrupting interpersonal communication
task communication
electronic mail
discussion groups, mail conversations, and teleconferencing


Perry, D.E., Staudenmayer, N.A., Votta, L.G., "People, organizations, and process improvement", IEEE Software, July 1994, pp. 36-45. Google


Perry and Votta with AT&T Bell Laboratories, Staudenmayer with MIT Sloan School of Management

37 ;;Quote: studied maintenance of a real-time switching system; >10 million noncommented lines of C, new functions every 15 months, 3,000 software and 500 hardware developers
37+;;Quote: a new feature of a real-time switching system varied from a few lines of noncommented code to 50,000 lines of noncommented code with many complex, specially designed hardware circuits
38 ;;Quote: studied why the elapsed time for software development is more than the actual time
38+;;Quote: studied time management with time diaries which were validated by direct, detailed observation
40 ;;Quote: even when coding, half of the time is occupied by noncoding tasks such as support, test, design, and planning
40 ;;Quote: developers worked on a particular project only 40% of the time; the remainder was spent on other projects, waiting for resources, or redoing work
42 ;;Quote: developers spent 75 minutes per day of unplanned interpersonal interaction, usually through email and in-person visits; most interactions were less than five minutes
42+;;Quote: former colleagues made a surprising percentage of a developer's daily interactions
43 ;;Quote: while subjects received a median of nine email messages per day, they sent a median of zero per day; the content of these messages was rarely technical
43+;;Quote: email may be inappropriate for technical development because problem solving is iterative and may be complex
43+;;Quote: some developers sent and received far more email messages than others; the averages and medians differ substantially
45 ;;Quote: with proper precautions, people are willing to be observed and measured; e.g., they forgot about observation sessions
45 ;;Quote: direct interpersonal communications are the dominant means of interaction for these software developers; email was mainly used for broadcasting information
45+;;Quote: email may be an inappropriate foundation for computer-supported cooperative work

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