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Quote: freedom to interrupt during task solving shortens message length but does not improve problem solving [»chapA3_1973]
Quote: although freedom to interrupt is natural, it doesn't help an interactive computer system [»chapA3_1973]
Quote: developers spent 75 minutes per day of unplanned interpersonal interaction, usually through email and in-person visits; most interactions were less than five minutes [»perrDE7_1994]
Quote: former colleagues made a surprising percentage of a developer's daily interactions
Quote: interruptions have a disruptive effect on a users's task performance and emotional state; increases with mental load; experiment [»bailBP7_2001]

Subtopic: interrupting voice channels up

Quote: subjects are much more likely to interrupt a voice channel than a non-voice channel [»chapA3_1975]
Quote: use a voice loop to determine whether or not to interrupt someone [»wattJC_1996]

Subtopic: computer-initiated actions up

Quote: applications should not interrupt a user already engaged in a task; hurts task performance and emotional state
Quote: how should a computer initiate an interaction?; intrusive solutions include popping a window, blocking input, console messages, and beeping [»goldY11_1992]
Quote: with Active Mail, initiate an interaction by sending a message that opens a window when read [»goldY11_1992]
Quote: Hypertext should save place at an interruption; if extended, should provide contextual information [»frisME7_1988]
Quote: dialog boxes suspend normal operation and can't be moved; the user enters needed information or cancels the operation [»apple_1987]

Subtopic: interrupting a system up

Quote: systems should respond to a request for attention

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