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de Broglie, L., "Matiere et Lumiere", 1937. Google

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de Broglie, L., Matter and Light, The New Physics, translated by Johnston, W.H., Dover Publications, 1939.

169 ;;Quote: need both corpuscles and waves to explain matter and radiation; complementary aspects of reality
173 ;;Quote: the quantum conditions of stability in atoms is a resonance phenomena; integers are as natural as they are for vibrating cords
184 ;;Quote: matter and light behaves the same; matter can display interference and defraction in a crystal or grating
187 ;;Quote: the quantum wave is not a physical phenomenon; given an initial observation, its intensity is the probability of the corpuscle and its spectral structure the probabilities of its states of motion
207 ;;Quote: the quantum of action makes it impossible to consider a system's configuration and state of motion independently; Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
207+;;Quote: geometry and dynamics are linked together; motion is not curves (world-lines) in space-time
217 ;;Quote: physics must fuse the continuous and the discontinuous; the universal interaction of things and the simplicity of indivisible elements
219 ;;Quote: classical mechanics treats particles as discrete points in a continuous field; hence the corpuscle modifies the properties of the surrounding space
219+;;Quote: a corpuscle is the center of an extended phenomenon; a point with spatial extension
252 ;;Quote: quantum physics blurs the distinction between subjective and objective, while classical physics separates the objective world from subjects and their measuring instruments
291 ;;Quote: the machine is essential to intellectual progress; it enables experiments that tie speculative thought to reality

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