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Clark, D.D., "The design philosophy of the DARPA Internet protocols", SIGCOMM '88 Symposium, Communications Architectures & Protocols, Palo Alto, California, USA, August 1988, ACM Press, pp. 106-114. Google

106 ;;Quote: the Internet connected the ARPANET with the ARPA packet radio network using packet switched gateways
106+;;Quote: the Internet is a packet switched communications facility; a network of networks connected by gateways using store and forward packet forwarding
107 ;;Quote: the Internet integrates separately administrated networks into a common utility
107 ;;Quote: the ordering of goals for the Internet is important: survivability, multiple types of services, ..., accountability
107+;;Quote: Internet designed for military survivability and not for accountability; accountability not needed in wartime
108 ;;Quote: except for total partition, the Internet masks all transient failures; must protect the state about an on-going conversation
108+;;Quote: fate-sharing--can loss state about an entity only if lose the entity itself; e.g., store synchronization information with the hosts and not the gateways, trust the host instead of the network
109 ;;Quote: the Internet separates TCP from IP to allow other transports that optimize delay or bandwidth instead of reliability
109+;;Quote: TCP provides a reliable sequenced data stream while IP provides the basic building block, the datagram
109 ;;Quote: transporting a datagram is the building block of the Internet; 100 bytes minimum, reasonable reliability, addressing; extremely successful
112 ;;Quote: TCP should have had flow control of both packets and bytes; extra complexity worth the added support for services; e.g., ARPANET
113 ;;Quote: build internets from flows, packet sequences from source to destination; helps resource management and accountability; gateways keep track of soft, flow state

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