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A data flow machines provides an alternative to von Neumann style computers. It consists of a large number of independent processors connected by data links in a graph. Each processor waits for valid data on its inputs, executes its function, posts data on its outputs, and waits for acknowledgement. Since multiple processors are used, the program executes at the highest rate possible.

Advantages-- An emphasis on data allows a declarative program representation. Data flow provides a framework for multiple processors, but success has been limited by expensive data paths and multiple synchronization signals. (cbb 5/80)

Subtopic: data structures as machine up

Quote: an active data structure is a machine; the host controls the Connection Machine by telling the data (processor/memory) what to do [»hillWD_1985]

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Quote: in a data flow computer, processors execute an instruction when all data values arrive; sends results to destination processors [»ackeWB_1979]
Quote: at each snapshot, execute those actors with tokens at all inputs and no tokens at outputs [»dennJB_1974, OK]
QuoteRef: seedH_1971 ;;66 calculations occur when right combination or literals
QuoteRef: dennJB_1974 ;;362 "In a data flow representation, execution of a test or operation is enabled by availability of the required values
QuoteRef: dennJB_1974 ;;364 input and output links and actors between
QuoteRef: dennJB_1974 ;;364 links are typed as control arcs (true or false) and date arcs (integer real or string)
QuoteRef: kosiPR9_1973 ;;90 DFPL program consists of function nodes (primitive or defined) and data paths of any type of data
QuoteRef: kuznOP6_1972 ;;state transition (asynchronous diagrams split into blocks with input and output constraints

Subtopic: DDM1 up

Quote: a data-flow nets of DDM1 do not distinguish between control tokens and data tokens [»daviAL_1979]
Quote: the DDM1 data flow machine consists of asynchronous processor-store elements that communicate by messages; elements may contain sub-elements [»daviAL_1979]
Quote: the DDM1 data flow machine can distribute concurrent subnets to subelements of a process-store element [»daviAL_1979]

Subtopic: deadlocks up

Quote: can avoid deadlocks with a data-driven network; every message includes work to be done, a process must reduce the work remaining [»dennPJ_1980]

Subtopic: flow control up

Quote: TCP should have had flow control of both packets and bytes; extra complexity worth the added support for services; e.g., ARPANET

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