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object and value equivalence
constructing proof and program together
what is a number
kinds of numbers
mathematical proof


Euclid, "Euclid's Elements", fl. c. 300, B.C., pp. 1-402, in Adler, M.J. (ed.), Great Books of the Western World, 10, 1952, 1990, Encyclopaedia Britannica. Google

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reprinted from Heath, Sir T.L., translator, The thirteen books of Euclid's Elements translated from the text of Heiberg with introduction and commentary, University Press, Cambridge, 1908, 2nd ed. 1925.

Published before 1923

1 ;;Quote: a point has no part, a line has no breadth, a surface has no depth
1+;;Quote: a straight line lies evenly with the points on itself
1+;;Quote: a boundary is an extremity; e.g., a point is the boundary of a line
1+;;Quote: a figure is that which is contained by a boundary
2 ;;Quote: parallel straight lines do not meet each other
2+;;Quote: parallel lines meeting a straight line have an interior angle of two right angles
2 ;;Quote: equality is transitive
2+;;Quote: equals added to equals are equal
2 ;;Quote: geometric construction of equilateral triangles; with proof
127 ;;Quote: number as a set of units; even number as equal parts
127+;;Quote: prime number as measured by unit alone; composite numbers as relatively prime
128 ;;Quote: Euclid's algorithm for greatest common divisor; with proof
191 ;;Quote: rational and irrational as commensable or incommensurable magnitudes
301 ;;Quote: definitions of solid, perpendicular plane, pyramid, sphere
301+;;Quote: sphere as the rotation of a semicircle
303 ;;Quote: proof that intersection of planes is a straight line

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