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Birman, K.P., Joseph, T.A., "Reliable communication in the presence of failures", ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 5, 1, February 1987, pp. 47-76. Google

47 ;;Quote: halting failures of distributed computation when process halts without incorrect actions
49 ;;Quote: assume that networks are hierarchical without internal partitioning
49 ;;Quote: logical failure handling: run a protocol to agree on ordering of failure event relative to other events
51 ;;Quote: GBCAST for group broadcast of failures, recoveries, etc; can locate most up-to-date information
52 ;;Quote: ABCAST for when all sites need data in the same order
52 ;;Quote: CBCAST for casual broadcast to maintain a partial ordering system wide
56 ;;Quote: checkpoints by first broadcasting GBCAST to create a logical time
59 ;;Quote: site view of all operational sites with their incarnation numbers
61 ;;Quote: implementation of ABCAST, CBCAST, GBCAST with delivery queue
72 ;;Quote: ISIS defines a resilient object as a coordinator with cohorts for passive backup
74 ;;Quote: ISIS primitives allow good performance while tolerating failure; simplify design of distributed systems

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