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Reliable broadcast sends a message to a group of processes such that at least one reply is received. Typically a broadcast request is logged and repeated as necessary. Clients may query the log if a message is missed. If email were used instead, a broadcast could be lost altogether.

Ocra, Amoeba, Clearinghouse, and ISIS implement reliable broadcast or multicast. (cbb 4/98)

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Quote: messages to a group are reliable if at least one message is delivered and at least one reply returned; otherwise best effort [»cherDR4_1984]
Quote: reliable broadcast by repeating all packets enough times; overcomes burst errors [»giffDK5_1985]

Subtopic: mail broadcasting up

Quote: broadcasting updates by direct mail is not reliable -- lose or unknown sites [»demeA8_1987]

Subtopic: replicated database up

Quote: reliable broadcast is useful for replicated databases and other applications

Subtopic: sequencer up

Quote: reliable broadcast with an elected sequencer; confirmed when sender sees the returned sequence number [»taneAS8_1992]
Quote: sequencer for reliable broadcast uses a history buffer for retransmitting messages; truncated when all machines caught up [»taneAS8_1992]

Subtopic: broadcast encryption up

Quote: broadcast encryption allows two devices to agree on a key via broadcast; use a key management block, e.g., indexed by device key; low cost, allows revocation [»lotsJ8_2002]
Quote: broadcast encryption guarantees membership in a group; as good as authentication in many cases [»lotsJ8_2002]
Quote: the guarantees of public key and broadcast encryption are only as good as the encompassing system's revocation mechanism

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Quote: Amoeba will support reliable multi-cast with all on none delivery; same price as RPC (two messages per reliable broadcast) [»taneAS12_1990]
Quote: reliable notification by a logger process that handles all messages; logs messages; adds an issue number to published notices (archived) [»cherDR4_1984]
Quote: in Ocra, shared objects are replicated on all machines; writes by reliable broadcast, reads locally [»taneAS8_1992]
Quote: Ocra on Ethernet can support 800 reliable broadcasts per second and thousands of shared, read or write operations per second [»taneAS8_1992]
Quote: in Clearinghouse, periodically compare databases in case broadcast fails [»oppeDC10_1981]
Quote: Clearinghouse servers broadcast update requests to their siblings [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: a broadcasted message in Grapevine is stored once per server [»schrMD2_1984]
Quote: survey of view-oriented, group communication systems with membership and reliable multicast; online games, conferencing, Isis [»chocGV12_2001]
Quote: eager update everywhere replication serializes conflicting transactions via total order multicast of batched updates at commit; reduce conflicts with snapshot isolation and short message delays [»kemmB9_2000]

Subtopic: ISIS up

Quote: ISIS defines a resilient object as a coordinator with cohorts for passive backup [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: ISIS primitives allow good performance while tolerating failure; simplify design of distributed systems [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: implementation of ABCAST, CBCAST, GBCAST with delivery queue [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: logical failure handling: run a protocol to agree on ordering of failure event relative to other events [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: GBCAST for group broadcast of failures, recoveries, etc; can locate most up-to-date information [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: checkpoints by first broadcasting GBCAST to create a logical time [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: CBCAST for casual broadcast to maintain a partial ordering system wide [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: ABCAST for when all sites need data in the same order [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: assume that networks are hierarchical without internal partitioning [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: site view of all operational sites with their incarnation numbers [»birmKP2_1987]
Quote: halting failures of distributed computation when process halts without incorrect actions [»birmKP2_1987]

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