Quote: broadcast encryption allows two devices to agree on a key via broadcast; use a key management block, e.g., indexed by device key; low cost, allows revocation

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key distribution
reliable broadcast

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Amos Fiat and Moni Naor spawned [broadcast encryption] when they published a seminal paper in 1993 [Advances in Cryptology, LNCS 773, 480-491] addressing the following question: "Can two devices, previously unknown to … There are at least four different schemes … and all share some common features. These schemes … beginning of a broadcast … or is prerecorded … Each recipient reads the key [p. 58] management block … [For example,] Every device in the world has a … [16] device keys. … To process the key management block, a device … . once the system comes under attack, circumvention … If an innocent device finds that one of … The processor load to calculate a management key … requires less than 1,000 times the load required …   Google-1   Google-2

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