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Bernstein, N., et al, "Biodynamics of locomotion", Studies of the biodynamics of walking, running and jumping, Moscow, Central Scientific Institute of Physical Culture, 1940, pp. 171-222, in Whiting, H.T.A. (ed.), Human Motor Actions - Bernstein Reassessed, Berlin, Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V., 1984. Google

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Bernstein, N., The Co-ordination and regulation of movement, Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1967, p. 60-113

171 ;;Quote: walking is highly automated, almost everyone walks well, is phylogentically old
172 ;;Quote: all of the details of normal walking can be found in all normal adults; differences occur only in rhythms and amplitudes
178 ;;Quote: in one double step, moving organs follow a complex melody with precision and regularity
179 ;;Quote: walking reacts to change in complex ways; movement is not a chain of details but structures differentiated into details ;;Quote: walking in great detail
188 ;;Quote: the biodynamical elements of walking occur in all normal subjects, despite central nervous system disorders; also in running
188+;;Quote: the biodynamical elements of walking are non-accidental; must arise from the central nervous system or elsewhere
216 ;;Quote: the coordination reflex is more a closed circle than a sensory reflex arc

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