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Walking is a complex, highly coordinated activity that nearly everyone is expert at. Like language, it is just a fact of life. We should wonder how this happens. (cbb 5/94)
Subtopic: walking as universal up

Quote: walking is highly automated, almost everyone walks well, is phylogentically old [»bernN_1940]
Quote: all of the details of normal walking can be found in all normal adults; differences occur only in rhythms and amplitudes [»bernN_1940]
Quote: in one double step, moving organs follow a complex melody with precision and regularity [»bernN_1940]
Quote: the biodynamical elements of walking occur in all normal subjects, despite central nervous system disorders; also in running [»bernN_1940]
Quote: the biodynamical elements of walking are non-accidental; must arise from the central nervous system or elsewhere

Subtopic: walking as motor problem up

Quote: acquiring a skill consists of finding better ways of solving the motor problems involved; not repetition of a solution [»bernN_1957]
Quote: the attainment of a motor goal is achieved early in acquiring an automatized skill; even on the first try [»bernN_1957]

Subtopic: walking as structure differentiated into details up

Quote: walking reacts to change in complex ways; movement is not a chain of details but structures differentiated into details [»bernN_1940]
Quote: animal walking control has hierarchical structure and locality of control [»donnMD_1987]

Subtopic: walking as details up

Quote: animal walking is the consequence of simple interactions of low-level behaviors

Subtopic: walking and perception up

Quote: humans walking forward will report the reverse if the world looks like it is going backwards [»turvMT_1984]

Subtopic: literature on walking up

QuoteRef: rozeRH_1984 ;;review of the literature related to walking
Quote: walking in great detail [»bernN_1940, OK]

Subtopic: acceleration/force up

Quote: even though Bernstein was successful, his acceleration/force data is weak because it was second order derivatives of position [»rozeRH_1984]

Subtopic: control programs for walking up

Quote: control programs for a six legged walking machine [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: walking by controlling each leg with a mostly autonomous process [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: coordination of walking by pos/neg constraints between neighboring leg processes [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: a machine can walk with just inhibition constraints between leg processes; different gaits [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: inhibition and excitation used to decide transition between driving and unloading the leg [»donnMD_1987]

Subtopic: omni-directional treadmill up

Quote: it is difficult to design an omni-directional treadmill; lag and servos make it hard to control

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