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Bernstein, N., "Some emergent problems of the regulation of motor acts", Questions of Psychology, 6, 1957, pp. 343-371, in Whiting, H.T.A. (ed.), Human Motor Actions - Bernstein Reassessed, Berlin, Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V., 1984. Google

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Bernstein, N., The Co-ordination and regulation of movement, Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1967, p. 114-142

349 ;;Quote: an organic reflex can be invoked by any perceptible stimulus, hormonal process, or cell metabolism; remarkable adaptability
354 ;;Quote: motor apparatus in man can have hundreds of degrees of freedom in multiple linkages and elasticity of muscles
354 ;;Quote: two degrees of freedom are much more complicated to automatize than a single degree of freedom
355 ;;Quote: difficult to control a weighted stick attached to belt and elastic bands; but like muscles
355 ;;Quote: co-ordination of movement must master redundant degrees of freedom to make it a controllable system
355 ;;Quote: co-ordinate movement inhibits the redundant degrees of freedom only at the beginning; it organizes the process as a whole (flexible, expedient)
360 ;;Quote: simple moves appear to be driven by error correction from a geometric image; because they are geometric
360 ;;Quote: multiple pointing gestures by the same subject follow different trajectories to the same point
361 ;;Quote: the attainment of a motor goal is achieved early in acquiring an automatized skill; even on the first try
361 ;;Quote: a motor program is in terms of an image of the result of the action
362 ;;Quote: acquiring a skill consists of finding better ways of solving the motor problems involved; not repetition of a solution
363 ;;Quote: every movement under external forces encounters irregularities that force the modification or reorganization of the motor program
363 ;;Quote: the brain needs to compare the differences between perception and representations of internally controlled elements

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