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Subtopic: gesturing up

Quote: pre-literates must use oral or gesturing messages that are short-duration and short-distance [»goodFL_1981]
Quote: loss of tracking is the termination signal for Sketchpad; finish a drawing with a quick flick of the pen; the tracking program fails [»suthIE5_1963]

Subtopic: not-gesturing up

Quote: a Frenchman can say something special by stopping his gestures; is part of the language [»bateG_1972]

Subtopic: mimetic sign language up

Quote: mimetic sign language is like spoken language: complex forms from a small number of discrete components in a shell-like structure [»newpEL_1982]

Subtopic: gesture vs. keyboard up

Quote: gestures easier to recall and faster than keyboard commands [»longAC4_2000]

Subtopic: one-handed mode up

Quote: switch between one-handed and normal mode with a vertical thumb stroke; one-handed switch to one-handed mode [»pascJ9_2000]

Subtopic: goal crossing up

Quote: goal crossing may be better than pointing; continuous action; bi-directional; double crossing; multiple selection; like gesturing [»accoJ4_2002]

Subtopic: gestural writing up

Quote: use unistrokes for stylus-based touch typing; learned quickly, faster than printing, fewer errors, no eyes needed [»goldD4_1993]
Quote: Graffiti is similar to a keyboard; 97% accuracy after five minutes of practice; 97% accuracy after one week lapse [»mackIS5_1997]
Quote: Quikwriting is a cursive shorthand based on a pie chart; three times faster than Graffiti; easily learned [»perlK11_1998]

Subtopic: similar gestures up

Quote: found properties of perceived, gesture similarity using multi-dimensional scaling; built model [»longAC4_2000]
Quote: model of gesture similarity correlates well with data; e.g., bounding box angle, alignment with normal coordinate axes [»longAC4_2000]

Subtopic: pointing gesture up

Quote: multiple pointing gestures by the same subject follow different trajectories to the same point [»bernN_1957]

Subtopic: conditional gesture up

Quote: is there a workable gestural indication for conditional branching? if..then..else works well [»diseAA_1986]

Subtopic: marking menu up

Quote: for experts, a marking menu examines the angle of a mark after "making a mark" with the mouse
Quote: for novices, a marking menu pop-ups a menu on "press and hold" for a third of second [»tapiMA11_1995]
Quote: studies demonstrate the usefulness of marking menus; experts can be 10 times faster than menus [»tapiMA11_1995]
Quote: condense marking menus with "labels only", balanced sizes, and 8-pointed compass stars [»tapiMA11_1995]
Quote: on recognizing a mark, display an idealized mark and the associated menu item until the command is finished [»tapiMA11_1995]
Quote: experts use very small marks for a marking menu; only the shape matters [»tapiMA11_1995]

Subtopic: problems with gestures up

Quote: it is difficult to design gesture sets that are well-recognized; strategies for gesture design

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