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Budd, T.A., DeMillo, R.A., Lipton, R.J., Sayward, F.G., "Theoretical and empirical studies on using program mutation to test the functional correctness of programs", Conference Record ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages , 7, pp. 220-233 , 1980 . Google

227 ;;Quote: a program mutation system with 23 mutant operators; size = reference count * data items
227 ;;Quote: one program mutation is replacing a binary operator with another
227 ;;Quote: if test data detects all simple mutations of a program, it also detects complex combinations
229 ;;Quote: try to beat a mutation system by finding correct test data on which mutants of an incorrect program fail
229 ;;Quote: testing a mutant system successfully caught 80% of the errors
229 ;;Quote: a missing path error occurs when special circumstances do not execute a sequence of operations
230 ;;Quote: an incorrect predicate error occurs when execution paths are correct but a predicate is wrong
230 ;;Quote: an incorrect computation statement is a kind of error
230 ;;Quote: a missing computation statement is a kind of error
230 ;;Quote: a missing clause in predicate is a kind of predicate error; hard to detect

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