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Quote: design flaws are inevitable; use defense-in-depth to avoid, find, and survive mistakes [»colwRP_2006]
Quote: most common type of error was from the design or implementation of a single system component
Quote: infrequent errors due to incorrect requirements, and misunderstanding of specifications, interfaces and tools [»weisDM2_1985]
Quote: problem of scattering--a simple requirements change causes widespread change across the class hierarchy [»clarS11_1999]
Quote: problem of tangling--design details for one requirement intermingled with details for other requirements [»clarS11_1999]
Quote: problem of traceability--how does change in one software artifact (requirement, design, code) affect other artifacts [»clarS11_1999]

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Quote: NASA's Genesis spacecraft failed to deploy its drogue parachutes because the original design specified the wrong orientation for all four accelerometer switches [»nislE5_2005]
Quote: design errors: inconsistencies, inefficiencies, ambiguities, inflexibilities [»parnDL8_1985]
Quote: logic errors were the most frequent error type in three large projects; mostly due to missing a condition [»thayTA3_1976]
Quote: a missing path error occurs when special circumstances do not execute a sequence of operations [»buddTA_1980]
Quote: a missing clause in predicate is a kind of predicate error; hard to detect [»buddTA_1980]
Quote: a missing computation statement is a kind of error [»buddTA_1980]
Quote: an incorrect predicate error occurs when execution paths are correct but a predicate is wrong [»buddTA_1980]
Quote: an incorrect computation statement is a kind of error [»buddTA_1980]

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Quote: should over-design when the answer is unknown; a quarter of all bridges built in the 1870s collapsed within ten years

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