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Feldmeier, D.C., Karn, P.R., "UNIX password security--Ten years later", CRYPTO '89. A conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptology, International Association of Cryptologic Research, IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy, August 20-24, 1989, pp. 44-63. Google

abstract ;;Quote: crypts/sec/dollar has improved 10^5x in 10 years; need to increase password entropy to improve password security
44 ;;Quote: on an unsecured system, can guess over 30% of the passwords by running large word lists through the crypt function
45 ;;Quote: can exhaustively search passwords of 7-8 lower-case letters; if improvement repeats, will need 8 full-ASCII passwords in 10 years
47 ;;Quote: a precomputed password dictionary is 28x faster than real-time encryption
50 ;;Quote: a pass phrase is a 5-10 word English phrase used as a password
51 ;;Quote: it is important to change passwords because increasing the time available for cracking requires increased password entropy

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