Quote: assign a category type for each query type; assign medical semantic types to category types; e.g., 'headache' to 'problems'; use common parent for sub-groups

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information retrieval by topic

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For each query type, the system also needs … call this abstraction category types. … [p. 83] The medical query model for DynaCat contains … [one for each query type]: problems, symptoms, preventive-actions, risk-factors, diagnoses, tests, treatments, prognoses, and prognostic-indicators. … The UMLS medical terminology model links every term … Individual, specific terms may become category labels if … depression, or headache could be category labels when … syndrome, mental or behavioral dysfunctions, sign or symptom) … [p. 84] When the number of categories at one … exceeds a predefined threshold, the categories are grouped … a term that is parent to several document … [in the terminology model's hierarchy] …   Google-1   Google-2

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