Quote: the Disney studios pioneered filming actors to study comic action

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One day, during a discussion of how the … be similar to those of burlesque comedian Eddie … We invited him to the studio, and a … breathe life into the little cartoon character. … Immediately other comics were brought in … ; all were put before the camera. … [p. 171] Naturally, Walt [Disney] changed [the hand tracing] in a … a film onto photographic paper … These sheets, which we called photostats, where then … action by flipping "frames of film" backward and … shapes and relationships in the movements. At last, … amazed at what we saw. The human form … chest working against hips, or the backbone bending … were living examples of the "squash and stretch" … action," the changing shapes, the tensions and the … been drawing broad action, but here were examples … gamut of movement in the human figure.   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: the human form in movement displayed far more overall activity than anyone had supposed
Quote: human movement demonstrated the animation techniques of squash and stretch, follow through, overlapping action, timing, and exaggeration

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