Quote: for targeting tasks, the rate of performance increases uniformly as movement amplitude decreases and tolerance increases

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coordinated movement
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interactive response time

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The rate of performance of all the tasks … [p. 390] the minimum amount of information required to … is proportional to the logarithm of the ratio … If the amplitude and tolerance limits of a … then the average duration of responses will be … [p. 391] The conditions studied covered the range from … [the information] rate of performance in a given type of task is … this optimum range. The level of optimum performance … 12 bits/sec. The consistency of these results supports … and proprioceptive feedback mechanisms, when measured in information …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: the amount of information needed to perform a targeting task is proportional to log(tolerance/amplitude)
Quote: if amplitude and tolerance are fixed, response time is proportional to the information per response
Quote: when measured in information units, the performance capacity of the human motor system is relatively constant over a considerable range of task conditions; 10-12 bits/sec over much of the range from 1 to 10 bits/response

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