Quote: an undesired event may be propagating downward (i.e., violating virtual machine restrictions) or upward (i.e., reported by lower level)

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decomposition of a system into levels
exceptions and undesired events
exception handling

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An UE [undesired event] detected at any given level … or upward. … When detected, a downward propagation UE should be … An upward propagating UE is reported by "trapping" … When a level is informed of a failure … report the UE still higher. … At each level, the UE handling routines have … one which is consistent with the specifications. …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: an undesired event (UE) handler attempts recovery or adjusts its external state and reports the UE a level higher
Quote: a reported undesired event indicates a failure of the previous level's abstract machine

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