Quote: names are marks of human voices which recall conceptions of the things named

QuoteRef: hobbT_1650 , p. 20, Chap. V

symbolic representation
naming by pointing or recognition


2. In the number of these marks, are those human voices, which we call the names or appellations of things sensible by the ear, by which we recall into our mind some conceptions of the things to which we gave those names or appellations ... [p. 21] 4. By the advantage of names it is that we are capable of science ... [p. 25] 13. As the invention of names hath been necessary for the drawing men out of ignorance, by call to their remembrance the necessary coherence of one conception to another; so also hath it on the other side precipitated men into error   Google-1   Google-2

Published before 1923

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Quote: names make us capable of science; they draw men out of ignorance, or may lead men into error

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