Quote: KidSim uses graphical rewrite rules and programming by demonstration; allows children to specify behavior without programming

QuoteRef: smitDC7_1994 , p. 60

children vs. adults
visual programming
program construction by walk-through

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The main innovation in KidSim is the way … KidSim combines two powerful ideas: 1. graphical rewrite … [p. 62] A graphical rewrite rule consists of a … [e.g., a monkey and rock] and zero or more property tests. In order for a … all of its property tests must evaluate to … [p. 65] Graphical rewrite rules solve the [problem of representing programs when programming by demonstration], and programming by demonstration solves the rule-semantics problem.   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: programming by demonstration does not require knowledge of rule semantics; fits with graphical rewrite rules

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