Quote: black-body radiation: real matter always emits light and radiates energy; in a closed box, the radiation and matter reach thermal equilibrium

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… the oscillator carries electric charge, and if it … impossible to have an equilibrium of real matter … … On the other hand, if we enclose the … we can eventually get thermal equilibrium. … [p. 41-4] Next we ask how much light must … [at thermal equilibrium]. … So I(.omega.) is a certain spectral distribution which … we see when we open the door and … [p. 41-5] It is called the black-body radiation. … [With the classical theory,] The amount of intensity … goes … as the square of the frequency [Rayleigh's law] … Of course we know this is false. When … from x-rays at all. … Furthermore, the total energy in the box [would be infinite].   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: by classical theory, black-body radiation (the color of a furnace) would predominate at high frequency with unbounded total energy

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