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Hypertext is an old idea. A dictionary or encylopedia presents material in small chunks. A researcher's notecards does the same, while making it easy to sort the material into topics. Lawyers likewise summarize material. (cbb 5/07)
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Quote: the Compendium is a manual Hypertext of reference data on human perception and performance; 3000 pages text and 2000 figures, tables, illustrations [»glusRJ5_1989]
Quote: medical students record clinical heuristics in notebooks called 'peripheral brains'; organized for access [»frisME7_1988]
Quote: 3x5 index cards forms a manual Hypertext with cross-references and hierarchical bundling [»conkJ9_1987]

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Quote: a dictionary or encyclopedia is a manual Hypertext; i.e., a graph of textual nodes joined by referential links [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: statistics on the history and size of the Oxford English Dictionary and Supplement [»raymDR7_1988]
Quote: the OED entry for 'set' takes almost half a megabyte; some entries have hundreds of quotations

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