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Storing hypertext is different than storing data. Hypertext consists of text with markup broken into small pieces. The text does not have a regular structure like a database table. Only a few nodes are retrieved at a time.

File systems, databases, and programs are all used for hypertext. Version control and continuous update are needed. (cbb 4/07)

Subtopic: hypertext as small files up

Quote: Hypertext needs a file system designed for rapid open/close of small files [»conkJ12_1987]

Subtopic: links as separate files up

Quote: each PlaneText node is a Unix file; links stored separately and displayed within curly braces [»conkJ12_1987]
Quote: Hypertext should be a network server optimized for nodes, links, and spreading activation; e.g., HAM and Xanadu [»conkJ12_1987]
Quote: each Hypertext node can be a file (PlaneText) or all nodes in one file (NoteCards) [»conkJ12_1987]

Subtopic: hypertext as database up

Quote: Hypertext can be built on a relational database; e.g., Intermedia and GIBIS [»conkJ12_1987]

Subtopic: hypertext as versioned bytes up

Quote: let all electronic text be dated bytes; a document is then just a list of pointers into this pool; each byte knows how it is used [»nelsTH12_1986]

Subtopic: scaling hypertext systems up

Quote: Hypertext systems show large differences in scale of databases and user population [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: ZOG database should handle hundreds of thousands of frames without performance degradation [»mccrDL10_1984]
Quote: in Xanadu deterioration with scale is between log and square root; this is offsetted by hardware speedup [»nelsTH_1987]

Subtopic: updating hypertext up

Quote: ZOG frames are updated atomically; this takes a second or two on the PERQ [»mccrDL10_1984]

Subtopic: types of hypertext applications up

Quote: Hypertext system dimensions are scope, browsing vs. authoring, and target task [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: Hypertext's for browsing have few authors and many readers who explore an information space
Quote: Hypertext's for authoring provide information structures for modification and creation by users [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: most Hypertext's are designed for a few applications [»halaFG7_1988]

Subtopic: hypertext as slots -- like AI and objects up

Quote: Hypertext, frame-based AI systems, and object-based systems are similar: typed, slotted, linked entities [»halaFG7_1988]

Subtopic: problem of bookkeeping up

Quote: by requiring small objects to be local, avoid having most of object be bookkeeping information [»caplM12_1987]

Subtopic: separating structure, queries, and presentation up

Quote: STRUDEL separates site management and site structure with a declarative query language, and site presentation with a template language

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