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Mail routing concerns the transportation of a mail message from sender to receivers. Mail routing is fully automatic using SMTP and other protocols. (cbb 3/07)
Subtopic: mail addressing up

Quote: Unix sendmail can handle many addressing schemes seen on the internet [»allmE7_1983]

Subtopic: domain servers up

Quote: Clearinghouse domain servers can keep direct pointers or replicas of other domain clearinghouses [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: Grapevine is for delivering electronic mail across distributed computers [»birrAD4_1982]
Quote: Grapevine separates message delivery from message creation and interpretation [»birrAD4_1982]

Subtopic: mail routing up

Quote: a complete addressing scheme eventually delivers a message to all recipients [»martP1_1986]
Quote: memoryless addressing if past messages have no effect; coordination free if current messages have no effect [»martP1_1986]
Quote: logical routing when actual recipients of a message are determined by the system [»martP1_1986]

Subtopic: complex routing up

Quote: message routing if both recipients are away [»martP1_1986]
Quote: coordinated addressing requires waiting until relevant messages arrive; needs deadlock detection [»martP1_1986]

Subtopic: routing via mail headers up

Quote: path header records actual transmission path; used for performance monitoring and cycle prevention [»hortMR10_1986]

Subtopic: control messages up

Quote: Unix mail includes control messages for inter-site communication [»hortMR10_1986, OK]

Subtopic: discussion lists up

Quote: general interest distribution lists should be distributed across all registries [»schrMD2_1984]

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