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Quote: the Common Lisp reader is also useful for lexical analysis and parsing of input; somewhat programmable [»tichWF11_1987]
Quote: problem solving by lexical (continuous->discrete), parsing (atoms->structure), modeling (structure->meaning), analysis (meaning->action) [»rossDT_1967]
Quote: lexical semantics: index language semantics by its tokens; makes syntax tree transparent [»pratVR3_1974]

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Quote: the ANTLR parser generator produces an LL(k) parser that has readable code for productions, semantic predicates, and lookahead predicates; can handle unparsed subtrees [»mcarG10_2002]
Quote: use acyclic finite automata as compact recognizers of a lexicon; time and space efficient; better than tries [»ciurMG9_2001]
Quote: description of context-free parser; carries along all possible parses simultaneously [»earlJ2_1970]
Quote: Parsley uses MD (mixed direction) parsing; both top-down and bottom-up
Quote: mule parsers are 2-6 times faster than yacc or bison; yacc-compatible [»bhamA2_1998]

Subtopic: string arguments as typed variables up

Quote: Argv library for parsing command-line arguments as typed variables; each registered Argument processes each command-line switch [»goldO11_2003]

Subtopic: parse selection up

Quote: optimize recall, precision, and length when parsing a data domain [»ramaV9_2001]
Quote: use minimum description length to select how to parse data in a column

Subtopic: store as tokens up

Quote: store program as tokens; skips lexical scan, reduces file size, allows full listing [»hoarCA_1974]

Subtopic: backtrack input streams up

Quote: use 'PutBack' for adding characters to input streams; e.g., needed for parsing numbers [»stoyJE3_1972]

Subtopic: avoid lexical analysis up

Quote: use abstract syntax instead of strings to represent programs in the defining language; avoids parsing into structured data objects; e.g., integers vs. digit strings

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