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Biology is the scientific study of living things. In contrast to physics, biology is mostly descriptive. (cbb 6/06)
Subtopic: life up

Quote: life is consciousness of space and time; competition for space is one of the primitive forms of biological interaction [»thomR_1975]
Quote: da Vinci--a bird is an instrument working according to mathematical law; man can reproduce all of its movements [»daviL_1505]
Quote: when solar photons hit the earth, they change abruptly to heat; life smoothes out the discontinuity [»thomR_1975]
Quote: a plant is nothing but an upheaval of the earth toward the light
Quote: there are geometric objects in biology that prescribe the only possible forms capable of self-reproduction
Quote: living things are organized at multiple levels; unlike inanimate objects [»shapR_1986]
Quote: the greatness of nature can be infinitely contemplated. Nature is subtle and works with unspeakable care
Quote: any body that has organs has a soul; e.g., a plant, its roots are like the mouth
Quote: the soul may be nutritive, perceptive, desiderative, locomotive, and intellective; plants have only the nutritive [»aris_322b]
Quote: the organs require the body; a hand, or eye, or nose, if separate and free, would melt with decay [»lucr_55]

Subtopic: dynamics up

Quote: Complementarity Principle for living systems--nature uses dynamics to the fullest while symbols used sparingly for direction and simplification [»turvMT_1984]
Quote: work out the dynamic aspects of natural systems before introducing symbol strings to complete the explanation; avoids arbitrariness

Subtopic: design vs. evolution up

Quote: nothing is born for our use; rather, that which is borne creates its own use; the tongue predates the word [»lucr_55]

Subtopic: theory up

Quote: biological concepts are simple but they include extreme complexity; otherwise no theory or no need for a theory [»thomR_1975]

Subtopic: experiments up

Quote: add artificial obstacles to discover the goal or purpose of a behavior; the invariants represent the goals [»ohalJJ_1980]

Subtopic: insects up

Quote: while vertebrate embryos are very similar, beetle larvae vary widely [»bateG_1979]
Quote: Galileo made the first printed illustrations of insects under a microscope [»drakS_1978]

Subtopic: circulatory system up

Quote: cells within 3-4 cells of a blood vessel, yet blood vessels take 5% of body's volume; fractal dimension measures the branching [»misc12_1985]

Subtopic: nervous system up

Quote: the marine snail's nervous system is well-understand and can function independently of the body; i.e., no fundamental difference between brain and computers [»schwJ_1987]

Subtopic: motor system up

Quote: it is impossible to turn both eyes out at the same time because the eye's muscles are controlled together [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: use rapid, overlearned, uniform responses to study the capacity of the motor system independently from the sensory system [»fittPM6_1954]
Quote: the information capacity of the motor system can be inferred from the statistical variability of successive, uniform responses [»fittPM6_1954]
Quote: no continuous change except locomotion, and no continuous locomotion except cyclical

Subtopic: genetics up

Quote: could construct suffix tree for human genome in 46G memory and nine hours [»kurtS11_1999]
Quote: genomic nucleotide data has a fairly uniform distribution of 9-grams; poor locality [»heinS4_2002]

Subtopic: male/female up

Quote: male and female is not an essential difference; the same seed may produce either depending on circumstances

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